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Texas County Jail Facilities

Texas has only one kind of short-term confinement facility for the state; these are called county jails. There are one hundred and fifty local county jails in Texas. These facilities hold both pretrial detainees and inmates who have been sentenced to short terms in jail rather than prison. They may also hold temporary inmates for DUIs and other petty crimes that may later be released without any charges.

Each county jail is owned and operated by the county where it resides. The local county Sheriff’s Office is the law enforcement agency in charge of maintaining the facilities, supervising the inmates, and keeping all Texas county jail inmate records updated. They make it pretty easy to perform a Texas county jail inmate search online by offering a list of inmates or a search feature on their website. Most counties have websites with these search tools.

They also list the programs offered to inmates, and many of them allow visitation (sometimes even video chat), calls, mail, education, healthcare services, substance abuse treatment, religious studies, and mental health counseling as well as other rehabilitative services. Most local county jails have recreational areas, some allow low-risk inmates to work in work-release programs, and most have libraries so that inmates can borrow books to read. Correctional staff transport the inmates from jail to and from courts. They also help them arrange bond and bail if they are eligible.

Local County Jails in Texas

The San Saba County Jail is the oldest operating jail in the nation and was built in 1884. It has been used for 134 years. Unfortunately, it requires upkeep, and the county is not well funded, and it may have to be closed down. The third floor has been off-limits for a year now.

Modern jails in Texas have been updated to handle a lot more inmates. They also have different units with varying degrees of custody, and some serve only males and others only females.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

There are 69,769 inmates located in county jails throughout Texas. About half of them (32,018) are pretrial detainees. More than 3,000 are parole violators who have committed new offenses. Only about 13% of the inmates in jail are women; the rest are men. More than 67% are White, and 32% are Black. The rest are other races. About a quarter of them committed misdemeanors and the rest felonies.

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