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Tennessee Juvenile Detention Center

The state of Tennessee has a couple of different types of facilities for youth offenders. Convicted juvenile offenders may end up in group homes with close supervision and treatment for things like abuse, addictions, or other trauma they may have been exposed to. The state also has two juvenile detention facilities with higher supervision and stricter programs for more high-risk youth offenders.

The Tennessee Office of Juvenile Justice is the agency in charge of all youth correctional services, inmates, and all Tennessee juvenile inmate records. Due to the laws governing juvenile records, you cannot just go online and perform a Tennessee juvenile detention center inmate search. Therefore, anyone searching for an inmate must contact the Tennessee Office of Juvenile Justice directly or call the facility.

The Office of Juvenile Justice’s mission is: “The Office of Juvenile Justice provides effective prevention and intervention services for high-risk youth and rehabilitation, treatment and training for delinquent youth while preserving and promoting community safety.” They do this through their guiding principles of:

  • Community Safety - Safety is central to all aspects of our practice. Supervision, services, and resource allocation are based on the results of a validated risk and needs assessment.
  • Family-Centered/ Community Based - Policies, programs, and supervision model recognize the family and community as change agents for youth.
  • Therapeutic Approach - Service array for the youth and family is trauma-informed, encouraging cognitive transformation, improving social skills, and increasing community responsibility. Family participation plays a critical role in the therapeutic treatment of youth. 
  • Accountability - Partner with local courts to fairly and justly hold youth accountable for their actions.
  • Data-Driven - Programs and services are evidenced-based, demonstrating an improvement in outcomes for youth and a reduction in system penetration and recidivism.
  • Innovation - We encourage our staff and partners to engage in continuous quality improvement developing new methods to promote success for youth and families.

Group Homes

The DCS has a network of community-based group homes all around the state. Many of them are privately owned and operated but overseen by the DCS.

Juvenile Detention Centers

Youth age 13–18 who need more supervision are sent to one of the two juvenile detention centers in the state. They are:

  • John S. Wilder (Wilder) Youth Development Center (YDC).
  • Mt. View (privately owned 24-bed facility).

Facts and Statistics

There are about 660 youth offenders in Tennessee. The most common crime that lands them there is aggravated assault, drugs, and other crimes against people.

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