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South Dakota Juvenile Detention Center

South Dakota has four different types of facilities for youth offenders. Where a child is placed depends on their risk-factor, their age, their healthcare, and medical needs and family situation. The placement options are group homes, residential psychiatric facilities, intensive treatment residential facilities, and out-of-state facilities.

The South Dakota Department of Corrections, Juvenile Corrections Division is the agency in charge of all youth offenders, facilities, and they also maintain South Dakota juvenile inmate records. Because juvenile records are deemed private until the inmate is 18 years old, it is not possible to go online and perform a South Dakota juvenile detention center inmate search. To find someone in juvenile detention in South Dakota, the person would instead have to contact the South Dakota Department of Corrections, Juvenile Corrections Division, or a facility directly.

The Juvenile Corrections Division also provides foster care in some instances and juvenile aftercare to reduce the likelihood of recidivism.

Group Homes

For some youth offenders, placement in a residential group home with supervision is the best option. The group homes in South Dakota include:

  • McCrossan Boy’s Ranch.
  • New Beginnings Center (LSS).

Residential Psychiatric Facilities

Some traumatized youth require specialized care in one of the state’s mental health facilities. They include:

  • Abbott House (female only).
  • Black Hills Children’s Home Society.
  • Sioux Falls Children’s Home Society.
  • Canyon Hills.
  • Our Home-Parkston.
  • Our Home ASAP-Adolescent Sexual Adjustment Program (male only).
  • Summit Oaks I.

Intensive Treatment Facilities

South Dakota also has one intensive treatment facility called Aurora Plains for youth who need a lot of one-on-one care, supervision, and treatment programs. This facility is for high-risk youth offenders.

Out-of-State Facilities

The state also contracts with the following facilities to provide overflow assistance:

  • Benchmark.
  • Clarinda Academy.
  • Coastal Harbor Treatment Center.
  • Copper Hills Youth Center.
  • Forest Ridge Academy.
  • Mesabi Academy.
  • Natchez Trace Youth Academy.
  • Southwestern Youth Services.
  • Woodward Academy.

Facts and Statistics

There are approximately 250 youth offenders who are in juvenile detention in South Dakota. The most common crimes that land a kid in juvenile detention in the state are larceny and drug offenses, and after that, aggravated assault, robbery, and weapons charges. The youth offenders average in age from 10–17 years old. The highest number of youth offenders are Black, then White, Hispanic, and other races. Twelve percent of the inmates are female and the rest male.

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