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South Carolina Juvenile Detention Center Inmate Search

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South Carolina Juvenile Detention Center

South Carolina has a few different types of facilities for youth offenders. First, there are three regional evaluation centers where juvenile delinquents are tested and assessed. Youths aged 11–17 stay in these facilities for no more than 45 days. Then there is a juvenile detention center for pre-trial youth offenders while they wait for the courts to make decisions. Some counties have their own short-term and long-term facilities, as well. The state also has a long-term youth detention center called Broad River Road Complex (BRRC). Additionally, the state has developed ten wilderness programs and camps for low-risk youth offenders.

The South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice is the government agency in charge of all youth offenders, the facilities, and all South Carolina juvenile inmate records. There is no way to go online and perform a South Carolina juvenile detention center inmate search. Therefore, anyone looking for an inmate must contact the South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice directly or contact a facility and talk to them.

Regional Evaluation Centers

After arrest, all youth offenders begin their journey at a regional evaluation center. They are tested and assessed for placement in one of the other facilities or a wilderness camp type program. Youth offenders aged 11–17 stay roughly 45 days in these centers.

Juvenile Detention Center

The single juvenile detention center in South Carolina serves most of the 46 counties. Some, such as Richland and Charleston have their own short-term detention centers for youth offenders. This facility serves male and female inmates age 11–17 who were detained by the courts until sentencing. The juvenile detention center provides secure confinement to protect the public while inmates await trial.

Wilderness Camps

To provide community-based services and alternatives to juvenile detention, the state also offers some wilderness programs and camps. The available locations are:

  • Beaufort Marine Institute.
  • Camp Aspen.
  • Youth Development Center.
  • Camp Bennettsville.
  • Camp Sand Hills. 
  • Georgetown Marine Institute.
  • Generations (Bridges). 
  • Piedmont Wilderness Institute. 
  • Camp White Pines 1.
  • Camp White Pines 2.

Facts and Statistics

There are roughly 3,200 kids in juvenile detention in South Carolina. Of those, 64% are Black, 31% are White, and the rest other races. Seventy-six percent of them are male and the rest female. Assault, burglary, larceny, and probation violation are the top reasons these youth offenders are in juvenile detention.

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