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South Carolina County Jail Inmate Search

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South Carolina County Jail Facilities

South Carolina has forty-six counties. There are also forty-six local county jails in South Carolina that hold pretrial detainees and people who were just arrested. These facilities also hold inmates who were sentenced to short terms in jail rather than prison.

Due to the high rate of overcrowding in state prisons, South Carolina lawmakers are considering moving many of the prisoners to local county jails. The cost is high, and there is opposition from the local law enforcement who would have to take on the added responsibilities of these inmates.

The local county Sheriff’s Offices are the law enforcement agency in charge of local county jails, all inmates, and South Carolina county jail inmate records. Most of them have websites with inmate listings or a search feature so that anyone can quickly and easily perform a South Carolina county jail inmate search.

Local County Jails in South Carolina

The Old Charleston Jail, located in Charleston, South Carolina, is the first local county jail used by the settlers from 1802 until 1939. This old jail held some of the most infamous inmates of the times, such as Lavinia Fisher, Denmark Vessey, Jacque Alexander Tardy, along with civil war prisoners and pirates. The building was acquired by the American College of the Building Arts (ACBA) in 2000 but later deemed a “Save America’s Treasures” project by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and the White House Millennium Council.

Modern jails like the Hampton County Detention Center hold both sentenced and unsentenced inmates. They provide secure detention along with recreation, education, and other programs aimed at self-improvement. Their goals for their mission are to:

  • Certify current employees as instructors to facilitate in-house training programs.
  • Educate the community of the duties and responsibilities of the Detention Center by attending various community events.
  • Conduct “Scared Straight” programs for young offenders.
  • 100% academy certification for officers within twelve months of hire.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

There are about 11,000 people in local county jails in South Carolina. Of those inmates, a little over.07% are female; the rest are males. Almost 60% of them are Black, 38% are White, and the rest other races. About 60% are single. A shocking 22% are in jail due to homicide. After that, the most common reasons someone is arrested and put in jail in South Carolina are drug charges, burglary, robbery, and sex offenses.

South Carolina County Jails

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