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Pennsylvania State Prisons and Facilities

Pennsylvania has two types of state prison facilities. First, there are twenty-four state prisons in Pennsylvania and then one motivational boot camp. All of these facilities make up the Pennsylvania correctional system. State prisons hold felons who have committed crimes within state boundaries.

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections is the agency in charge of all these facilities, the inmates, and all Pennsylvania state prison inmate records. They are tasked with keeping a database with all information and updating it regularly. This consolidated approach makes it easy for someone to perform a Pennsylvania state prison inmate search using their offender locator feature on their website. The American Correctional Association accredits the entire Pennsylvania correctional system.

Pennsylvania is the birthplace of the U.S. penal system when, in 1829, they established the Pennsylvania System and opened the Eastern State Penitentiary. It was a cutting-edge facility and at the time, considered “the world’s greatest penitentiary.”

The current correctional system includes 24 state prisons and one boot camp, including:

  • SCI Huntingdon.
  • SCI Rockview.
  • SCI Muncy.
  • SCI Camp Hill.
  • SCI Dallas.
  • SCI Mercer.
  • SCI Frackville.
  • SCI Retreat.
  • SCI Smithfield.
  • SCI Waymart.
  • SCI Cambridge Springs.
  • Quehanna Motivational Boot Camp. 
  • SCI Somerset.
  • SCI Coal Township.
  • SCI Mahanoy.
  • SCI Albion.
  • SCI Greene.
  • SCI Houtzdale.
  • SCI Laurel Highlands.
  • SCI Chester.
  • SCI Pine Grove.
  • SCI Fayette.
  • SCI Forest.
  • SCI Benne Township.
  • SCI Phoenix.

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections offers inmates the right to make calls, receive mail or gifts of money from family. They allow visitation; they provide parenting classes, puppy therapy, video visitation, and also transitional housing for when inmates are released. Additionally, prisoners are able to take part in educational studies, receive treatment for mental health issues or drug and alcohol abuse, anger management training, and other helpful topics.

Pennsylvania State Prison Inmates

There are roughly 50,000 state prison inmates in Pennsylvania. The DOC uses a staff of 15,000 people to manage all the facilities and supervise inmates. Eighty-nine percent of the people in prison are male; the rest are female. Over 53% are between the ages of 25–39. Half of them are White, almost 40% are Black, and 9.5% are Hispanic. The rest are other races. The highest percentage of inmates are in prison due to drug charges (21%), then larceny/theft (9%), weapons (9%), and then aggravated assault (7%).

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