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Oregon County Jail Inmate Search

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Oregon County Jail Facilities

The state of Oregon has 36 counties and one type of short-term confinement facility to hold pretrial inmates and inmates sentenced to jail time. There are 35 county jails in Oregon. Each county except one has its own.

These county jails are owned and operated by the county. The local county Sheriff’s Office is the law enforcement agency in charge of managing the facilities, supervising the inmates, and maintaining all Oregon county jail inmate records. Most every one of them has their own website with either an inmate listing or a search feature making it easy to perform an Oregon county jail inmate search at any time 24/7.

Because inmates stay in county jails much longer than they used to, the jails are equipped with high-tech security features, recreation facilities, medical care, mental health, and substance abuse assistance, and other programming to help the inmate rehabilitate during their stay and reduce the likelihood of recidivism.

Oregon Local County Jails

The Oregon Territory Jail is the oldest in the state and it was built in 1842 in Oregon City which was at the time, the capital. It burned to the ground in a fire four years after construction. Local county jails were the only confinement facility in Oregon up until 1853, and prisoners were moved to a site in Portland. In 1866 the first prison was built, and local jails became more of a temporary confinement facility, and the prison held long-term inmates.

Modern jails like the Jackson County Jail are equipped with indoor and outdoor recreational areas, a full kitchen, and laundry room, a medical station, a full library, and a law library annex. They provide full medical and dental services along with a work-release program. This facility has 292 beds available for both men and women. They offer inmates visitation, bail and bond services, telephone access, and video visitation along with a whole host of programs aimed to prepare them for release.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

There are roughly 6,000 people in Oregon county jails. Almost 92% of inmates in county jail are male; the rest are female. About 82% of them are White, 8.3% are Hispanic, 5.7% are Black, 2.4% American Indian, 1% Asian, and the rest unknown. Most are between the ages of 25–45. Just over half of them committed local statute crimes like DUI, drug charges, and other local violations. One-quarter of them are in jail due to property crimes, and 22.8% are there because of crimes against another person.

Oregon County Jails

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