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Oklahoma Juvenile Detention Center

The state of Oklahoma has only one type of juvenile detention center in the state. There are 18 county-level juvenile detention centers for youth offenders. Each is individually owned and operated by the local county but licensed by the Office of Juvenile Affairs and overseen by the Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau.

The Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau is the government agency in charge of coordinating youth offenders among the facilities; they handle intake, maintain facilities, supervise inmates and are in charge of all Oklahoma juvenile inmate records. It is not possible to simply perform an Oklahoma juvenile detention center inmate search online so someone looking to find an inmate held there, should contact the Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau directly.

The Juvenile Bureau’s mission reads: “The Oklahoma County Juvenile Bureau exists to enhance public safety by reducing juvenile delinquency.” Their motto is “Their Success is Our Success.” They support their mission through the following guiding principles:

  • "Youth Potential: Believe in their future.
  • Family: It takes a village.
  • Education: Knowledge is power.
  • Accountability:No excuses, get it done.
  • Diversity: Not my way, not your way, OUR way.
  • Collaboration: Together Everyone Accomplishes More.
  • Integrity: Do the right thing.
  • Innovation: Think outside the box.
  • Persistence: Never give up; fall down seven times, stand up eight.”

County-Level Juvenile Detention Centers

Each county juvenile detention center has a different number of beds and serves a specific demographic. For example, the Oklahoma County Juvenile Detention Center has 80 beds serving both male and female offenders. During their stay, they receive education, medical and dental care, programs, visitation, and behavioral-based therapies. It is a large facility (30,000 sq. ft.) with seven specific units providing maximum-level security for inmates held there. The American Corrections Association has accredited this facility.

Facts and Statistics

There are about 550 youth offenders in juvenile detention in Oklahoma. Roughly 70% of the youth offenders committed to juvenile detention have a mental illness. Twenty-five to fifty percent suffers from substance abuse addiction. The majority of youth offenders committed traffic or public disorderly conduct offenses or crimes against another person. Drug and alcohol offenses are also top reasons that kids end up in juvenile detention in Oklahoma. A good percentage of the youth offenders are Black, then American Indian, Asian, Hispanic, and then white.

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