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Oklahoma County Jail Facilities

There is only one type of short-term confinement facility in Oklahoma for offenders who broke state laws; these are called jails. There are 77 counties in Oklahoma, and most of them have a county jail.

County jails are owned and operated by the county or town they reside in. The local Sheriff’s Office is the law enforcement agency in charge of the facilities, inmates and all Oklahoma county jail inmate records. Therefore, anyone interested in finding someone in a county jail should contact the Sheriff’s Office directly or check out their website and do an Oklahoma county jail inmate search online. Many of the websites do have an inmate locator feature or a roster listing of inmates.

Some of the local jails restrict visitation to family members only. Some do allow video visitation, however. There are explicit rules when visiting, and a dress code so, be sure to thoroughly read up on those rules before heading out to visit an inmate in an Oklahoma county jail. They also have information on sending gifts and money to inmates and how to receive phone calls from a loved one staying there.

Oklahoma County Jails

There are dozens of county jails in Oklahoma each serving a specific demographic and various levels of custody. Each one provides inmates with recreation, education, counseling, and other therapies related to mental health issues and substance abuse treatment. Some counties have a website set up specifically for friends and family to help navigate the tricky jail system. They provide an inmate roster and sometimes a search tool.

The Tulsa County Jail was built in 1997 and is formerly named The David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center (DLMCJC). It holds 2,020 inmates and has a particular unit for mental health patients. The inmates are offered religious services, education (including GEDs) and vocational training along with life-skills programs. They have a specific site for visitors, and its mission is to “The purpose of the Tulsa County Inmate Information Center is to help you locate information about persons currently in jail as well as provide resources to assist you in navigating the county jail and court systems.”

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

Oklahoma has about 13,000 inmates in local county jails. Larceny-theft is the number one reason people are arrested and put in jail in Oklahoma. After that, the most common crimes committed are burglary, aggravated assault, and motor vehicle theft. There are actually very few murders committed in Oklahoma (less than 250 a year).

Oklahoma County Jails

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