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Ohio Federal Facilities

There are two types of federal correctional facilities in Ohio state. First, there is one federal prison in Ohio, and then there is a residential reentry management field office also.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (FOB) is the government body that owns and operates all federal correctional facilities, inmates and all Ohio federal prison inmate records. They have an extensive website with an offender locator so that anyone can conduct an Ohio federal prison inmate search at any time of day or night. They also have a page for each facility with details about visitation, sending money or gifts and phone calls with inmates. They even provide the forms needed to visit and directions to each facility. The FOB was established in 1930 to provide centralized care for federal inmates.

The FOB describes itself as “an agency like no other.” Their mission statement reads: “We protect public safety by ensuring that federal offenders serve their sentences of imprisonment in facilities that are safe, humane, cost-efficient, and appropriately secure, and provide reentry programming to ensure their successful return to the community.” They supervise 177,00 inmates with a staff of 35,972, and they see a 34% recidivism rate.

Ohio Federal Prison

There is only one federal prison in Ohio called FCI Elkton. It is a low security federal correctional institution with an adjacent low-security satellite prison. It holds 2,460 male inmates (1,995 at the FCI and 465 at the camp). They allow visitation every day of the week except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Residential Reentry Management Field Office

There is also one residential reentry management field office in Ohio called Cincinnati RRM. It acts as a liaison between the FOB and the U.S. court system, the U.S. Marshall’s Service, local and state law enforcement and community organizations.

Famous Federal Prison Inmates in Ohio

Peter Gotti - brother of John Gotti, he became the crime boss of the Gambino crime family after his brother died in 2002. He was convicted in 2004 of extortion money and is currently serving a 25-year sentence; he is scheduled for release in 2032.

Floyd Lee Corkins - convicted of terrorism for shooting a guard at the Washington, DC headquarters of the conservative lobbying group Family Research Council in regards to opposition to gay marriage. He is serving a 25-year sentence and is scheduled to get out in 2034.

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