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Ohio County Jail Facilities

The state of Ohio has 88 counties, and most have a local county jail. County jails in Ohio hold pretrial detainees and people who were just arrested. These facilities also confine inmates who were sentenced to short stays in jail rather than a prison sentence.

Typically, local county jails are owned and operated by the county they reside in. The local law enforcement, usually Sheriff’s Offices are the ones in charge of managing the facilities, inmates and all Ohio county jail inmate records. If someone is searching for an inmate in a local county jail in Ohio, they only need to visit the local Sheriff’s Office website and try an Ohio county jail inmate search online. Most of them have offender lookup features or a roster of current residents in the jail.

Most of the local county jails in Ohio offer inmates a full menu of services while they are incarcerated. The rehabilitative programing includes social, psychological, educational, vocational, and spiritual programs. Additionally, health care and social supports are also available. Along with visitation for family and friends, the jails allow inmates to receive reading materials, money for snacks and make calls. Most jails offer bonds and bail services as well.

Some of the specialized programming that includes: “Crisis Intervention, Strategic Inmate Management, Interpersonal Communications, Motivational Interviewing, Mental Health First Aid, and Cultural Diversity.”

Ohio Local County Jails

Ohio’s jails date back to the early 1800s. One of the first prisons was built in 1834. Conditions in those early correctional institutions was horrid and disease ran rampant. There were even fires which claimed the lives of inmates and jailers.

Modern jails in Ohio are a completely different animal. Most have computerized security systems, electronic monitoring and updated facilities. Each county jail is run uniquely and serves a specific demographic with varying levels of custody. The Franklin County Jail’s mission, states: “The vision of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, Division of Corrections, focuses on actively managing inmate behavior to produce a jail operation that is safe and secure for the inmates, its staff and visitors.”

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

There are approximately 19,000 people in Ohio local county jails. The majority of the jail population in Ohio are felons awaiting trial. Ninety-one percent of jail inmates are male, and the rest are female. Almost 52% are White, 45% are Black and the rest are other races. The average age of jail inmates is 39 years old. Larceny theft, burglary, aggravated assault, and motor vehicle theft are the top reasons someone is thrown in jail in Ohio.

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