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North Dakota State Prisons and Facilities

The State of North Dakota has only one type of long-term confinement facility to hold inmates who have broken state laws; these are called prisons. There are four state prisons in North Dakota. Each one has different levels of security and serves a specific demographic.

The North Dakota Corrections and Rehabilitation Department is the government agency in charge of all state prison facilities, inmates and all North Dakota state prison inmate records. They make it very easy for someone to find an inmate in state prison. They have an inmate locator feature on their website so the public can perform a North Dakota state prison inmate search at any time night or day. Many of the prisons provide services to victims as well.

The state prisons in North Dakota include:

  • North Dakota State Penitentiary - established in 1855, holds minimum to maximum security male inmates only.

  • James River Correctional Center - established in 1998, holds only medium-security male inmates.

  • Missouri River Correctional Center - opened in the 1940s - for minimum-low and community custody inmates (males).

  • Dakota Women’s Correctional and Rehabilitation Center - women-only prison.

The North Dakota Corrections and Rehabilitation Department’s mission statement reads: “Our Mission is to enhance public safety, to reduce the risk of future criminal behavior by holding adult and juvenile individuals accountable, and to provide opportunities for change.” Their vision statement is: “A safer North Dakota through effective correctional services.”

All the North Dakota state prisons offer inmates a variety of programs and services such as education, treatment for substance abuse issues, mental health problems, medical and dental care as well as counseling and other rehabilitative programs. They also have three transitional facilities where inmates go before being released to learn life-skills, receive vocational assistance, and additional help. Those facilities are:

  • Bismarck Transition Center.
  • Centre Inc.
  • Jamestown Women’s Facility.

North Dakota State Prison Inmates

There are only about 1,700 people in state prison in North Dakota at any given time. Their rate of incarceration is lower than the national average. The highest number of inmates have committed violent offenses (including sexual crimes). Drug and alcohol offenses account for a high number of the other inmates in prison, and finally, property crimes is the last reason that individuals are in prison in North Dakota.

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