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North Dakota Juvenile Detention Center

North Dakota has one type of confinement facility for youth offenders in the state. The facility is called the North Dakota Youth Correctional Center. It holds pretrial inmates and youth offenders who have been sentenced to confinement.

The North Dakota Corrections and Rehabilitation (NDCR) Department is the entity in charge of this facility, all programs, inmates and all North Dakota juvenile detention inmate records. It is not possible to run a North Dakota juvenile detention center inmate search online. Therefore, to find a resident there, someone should contact the NDCR or the facility directly.

The North Dakota Corrections and Rehabilitation’s mission statement reads: “To provide professional, team-oriented juvenile correctional services to troubled adolescents within a safe and secure environment.”

North Dakota Youth Correctional Center

The North Dakota Youth Correctional Center is located in Mandan, North Dakota. Tim Tausend is the Director.

This facility offers detention which is secure confinement for “juveniles who have committed a crime in the community and need to be held in a secure facility pending a court hearing and disposition of their case.” Additionally, “If a child is participating in a juvenile drug court program, the drug court may order the child detained. The child may be detained twice during the child’s participation in the program, but the total period of detention under this subsection may not exceed four days in a one-year period.”

The facility is made up of three types of cottages. They are as follows:

Brown Cottage - 16-bed facility for females providing detention, assessment and treatment.

Hickory Cottage - 35-bed facility serving only male inmates. This facility offers “a Mental Health Specialist, a Nurse Practitioner, a dentist office, nurse’s offices, and a medical examination room is located on the lower level of Hickory Cottage. An Intensive Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program are also located on the lower level of this cottage.”

Pine Cottage - 25-beds for males only. This facility offers “Assessment, Detention, Time Out, and Special Management.”

All the facilities offer education, treatment programs, recreation, and substance abuse assistance, along with individual and group counseling services. They even have programs for sex-offenders.

Facts and Statistics

There are only about 140 youth offenders in juvenile detention in North Dakota. More people are in juvenile detention in North Dakota because of property crimes than anything else. After that, the top reasons are larceny-theft, burglary, aggravated assault, and motor vehicle theft.

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