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North Dakota County Jail Facilities

The state of North Dakota has only one type of short-term confinement in their correctional system; they are called jails. There are fifty-three local county jails in North Dakota. These facilities hold pretrial detainees, recently arrested people and short-term inmates who have been sentenced to jail rather than prison.

Each county jail is managed and run by the local Sheriff’s Office, and they are the ones in charge of the North Dakota county jail inmate records. Most of these law enforcement agencies have websites where someone can perform a North Dakota local county jail inmate search quickly and easily.

Historically, jails used to hold inmates for such short periods of time, they had limited amenities but now since they hold inmates for months and sometimes a year or more, they offer full services including medical and dental services, mental health treatment, substance abuse addiction programs and other services aimed to improve the inmate while they are under confinement. Most of the jails offer bail and bond services, a library for reading material, outside recreation and also visitation with family and friends. Some also provide victim services for people affected by inmates staying there.

The local county jails have different levels of custody and serve a specific demographic. Many of them are on social media for updated news and alerts when someone escapes the jail.

Local County Jails in North Dakota

Cass County Jail located in Fargo North Dakota is a large facility that holds a good number of inmates each year. Their mission statement reads: “It is the mission of the Cass County Jail to provide a safe and secure confinement for lawfully committed inmates or detainees in compliance with standards set forth by the North Dakota Century Code and the North Dakota Administrative Jail Rules. The primary goal of the jail will be to provide for the safety of Cass County citizens by detaining lawfully committed inmates in the most efficient and cost-effective manner as possible.”

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

There are about 1,400 inmates in jail in North Dakota. The most common reason someone is arrested and thrown in a North Dakota jail is drug and alcohol offenses. After that, it is due to property crimes and then violent and sex offenses. North Dakota’s incarceration rate is less than the national average. The majority of inmates in county jails in North Dakota are American Indian, then Black, Hispanic and very few are White.

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