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North Carolina State Prisons and Facilities

North Carolina has an extensive correctional system. First, there are sixty-one state prisons in North Carolina. Then they have various community corrections programs and services and also reentry services for inmates who will be or are recently released.

The North Carolina Department of Public Safety Division of Adult Correction and Juvenile Justice is the government agency in charge of all facilities, inmates and all North Carolina state prison inmate records. They have an offender search option on their website so that anyone can conduct a North Carolina state prison inmate search at any time. They allow the user to select a few options to filter the results quickly and easily.

Erik A. Hooks is the Secretary of the North Carolina Department of Public Safety, and he works closely with the state Governor to oversee all correctional system activities, programs and facilities.

The first prison in North Carolina was built in 1870, and it was called Central Prison. It resembled a castle. Then in 1881, the state leased land near the prison so inmates could work on farming. During the late 1800s and early 1900s, businesses leased inmates to work on railways, rock quarries, building roads for the state and other businesses for private employers. Modern prisons employ about 2,000 North Carolina inmates to work in 13 different industries. They are thoroughly trained and supervised while working.

The prison facilities in North Carolina vary in custody levels from minimum, medium, and close to multi-custody facilities. Some of them serve only male inmates and others, only females. Along with rehabilitation and custody, these prisons offer inmates education (Academic/Vocational Education, Study Release, Think Smart or Domestic Violence Education), family services, work-release programs, transitional programs for after release and other treatment or counseling services. They also offer special programs such as:

  • Napoleon Hill Project.
  • Sex Offender Accountability and Responsibility (SOAR).
  • Domestic Violence Education Program (DVEP).
  • STOP and Change Direction.
  • Domestic Violence Education and Treatment Program.
  • Parenting Programs.

North Carolina State Prison Inmates

There are about 37,000 inmates in North Carolina prisons at any given time. Almost half of them are in medium-security units, about 12,000 are in minimum-security units, and the rest are in close security. About 40% of all North Carolina inmates committed property crimes, 38% committed public disorderly crimes, and 23% committed acts against another person, including violent crimes.

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