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North Carolina County Jail Facilities

North Carolina uses local county jails to house their recently arrested individuals, pretrial detainees and short-term inmates for petty crimes. There are numerous local county jails in North Carolina spread across their 100 counties.

Each one is owned by the county or town which funded it, and they are run by the local county Sheriff’s Office or a police station. These law enforcement agencies are in charge of the facilities, inmates and all North Carolina county jail inmate records. Most of them have their own websites with a way to search for inmates confined there. Some of them use the VINELink system, and others have their own online search system so someone can perform at North Carolina county jail inmate search quickly and easily.

Because many of the inmates stay in jail for months (usually less than a year), these facilities offer medical, dental, and mental health services. Some also provide substance abuse treatment and other programs for rehabilitation. They offer visitation to friends and family and also provide details on how to send money or gifts to inmates or receive calls. Most facilities also offer bonds and bail services for those inmates who qualify. Each facility provides different levels of custody/security and serves a specific demographic.

Local County Jails in North Carolina

Old Brunswick County Jail, located in Southport, North Carolina, is one of the oldest in the state of North Carolina. It was built in 1904. It now serves as a museum and historical landmark. This jail has only two cells with four bunks in each. The walls still contain graffiti put there by inmates of the past. It is currently on the “Walking Tour of Southport,” and visitors can tour the entire building, including the cells. It is open from April until October.

The Cumberland County Jail and Detention Center is a large jail with many beds and units of confinement. They offer various programs and services for inmates, helpful information for families, and also victim services.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

There are approximately 19,000 people in local county jails in North Carolina. The majority of people who are arrested and put in jail in North Carolina are there because of property crimes (breaking and entering and larceny). After that, public disorder crimes (drug and alcohol crimes) are very popular and then crimes against another person (including violent and non-violent offenses).

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