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New York Juvenile Detention Center Inmate Search

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New York Juvenile Detention Center

New York has a variety of county-based juvenile detention centers that house youth offenders. These centers hold both pretrial detainees and inmates who have been sentenced to confinement by the courts. New York uses two types of juvenile detention centers. The first is secure juvenile detention centers, and the second is called non-secure rest of state detention facilities. These are for lower-risk youth in community-based programs.

The Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) Bureau of Juvenile Detention Services is responsible for all juvenile detention facilities for the state and all New York juvenile inmate records. It is impossible just to perform a New York juvenile detention center inmate search online because juvenile records are kept private until the youth turns 18. Then they have the right to apply to the courts to have their juvenile records expunged. To find an inmate in a juvenile detention center in New York, the best course of action is to contact the OCFS directly or one of the county facilities to check to see if they are a resident there.

Secure Juvenile Detention Centers

New York has eight secure detention centers spread over the state in different counties. Each has different levels of security, serves a specific demographic, and provides inmates with various programs and services. The list of secure facilities in New York includes:

  • Capital District Secure Juvenile Detention.
  • Erie County Secure Juvenile Detention.
  • Monroe County Children’s Secure Detention.
  • Nassau County Secure Juvenile Detention.
  • NYC ACS: Crossroads Secure Juvenile Detention.
  • NYC ACS: Horizon Secure Juvenile Detention.
  • Hillbrook Secure Juvenile Detention.
  • Woodfield Secure Juvenile Detention.

Non-Secure Rest of State Detention Facilities

The state of New York has 16 non-secure rest of state detention facilities. Again, these are at the county-level and spread across the entire state. The list of non-secure facilities in New York include:

  • Berkshire: Albany.
  • Children’s Home of Wyoming Conference.
  • Berkshire: Burnham Youth Center.
  • New Directions/Gateway- Longview: Curry Cottage.
  • Children’s Home of Jefferson County.
  • Lewis-Larry and Lucy Green.
  • Hillside: Northaven Terrace.
  • Mercy First.
  • The House of the Good Shepherd: Sunset Ave.
  • Elmcrest-Skeele Valley.
  • Hillside: Hopewell.
  • Berkshire Farms: Orange County -Middletown.
  • Glove House: Steuben County.
  • Hope for Youth.
  • Family Court Assistance Program: Clearview.
  • Family Court Assistance Program: Scholes.

Facts and Statistics

There are only about 56 youth offenders in juvenile detention in New York. That figure can fluctuate significantly at different times, though. The top charges for youth offenders in juvenile detention are misdemeanors, other felonies, and motor vehicle crimes.

New York Juvenile Detention Centers

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