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New Mexico State Prisons and Facilities

New Mexico has two types of long-term confinement facilities for its correctional system. First, there are six state prisons in New Mexico. Then they also contract with five private prisons to handle inmate overflow to avoid overcrowding.

The New Mexico Corrections Department is the state agency in charge of all facilities, the correctional system, and all New Mexico state prison inmate records. They make it very easy for someone to perform a New Mexico state prison inmate search using the inmate locator feature on their website. They describe themselves as “The New Mexico Corrections Department (NMCD) is one of the largest State Departments in New Mexico and is fully committed to public safety. NMCD’s culture is driven by its four core values: Courage, Responsibility, Ethics, and Dedication.”

The New Mexico Corrections Department is split into 8 separate divisions:

  • Adult Prisons Division.
  • Parole Board Division.
  • Probation & Parole Divisions.
  • Administrative Services Division.
  • Information Technology Division.
  • Corrections Industries.
  • Training Academy.
  • Recidivism Reduction Division.
  • The six, state prisons include:

    • Central New Mexico Correctional Facility.
    • Penitentiary of New Mexico.
    • Roswell Correctional Center.
    • Springer Women’s Facility.
    • Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility.
    • Western New Mexico Correctional Facility.

    The five contracted private prisons include:

    • Guadalupe County Correctional Facility.
    • Lea County Correctional Facility.
    • Northeast New Mexico Detention Facility.
    • Northwest New Mexico Correctional Center.
    • Otero County Prison Facility.

    Along with primary education and medical services, all of the New Mexico correctional facilities offer inmates programming to help rehabilitate them and keep them busy. Some of the programs provided are substance abuse treatment, behavioral health services, vocational assistance, community corrections and they also offer victim services for those people who have been affected by inmates in the New Mexico prison system.

    New Mexico also has the Office of Professional Standards (OPS), which monitors and regulates the quality of care in state prisons. They file annual reports and make recommendations for improvements where necessary.

New Mexico State Prison Inmates

There are approximately 7,100 people in state prison in New Mexico. Sixty percent of inmates in New Mexico prisons committed violent crimes. Roughly 15% committed property offenses, 12% drug charges, and just a little over 10% public disorderly crimes. Only about 10% of the prison population is female; the rest are male. Most inmates are between the ages of 25–44 years old.

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