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New Mexico County Jail Facilities

New Mexico has a single type of facility that holds pretrial detainees and short-term inmates at the local level; these are called jails or sometimes detention centers. New Mexico has both adult and juvenile detention centers. There are twenty-nine county jails in New Mexico. There is one in almost every county in the state.

The local law enforcement agencies like Sheriff’s Offices and local police are the ones in charge of the jails, all facilities, and New Mexico county jail inmate records. Many of the local counties or Sheriff’s Offices have their own websites with a list of the current inmates or even a search feature. These websites make it easy for the public to run a quick New Mexico county jail inmate search at any time of day or night.

Inmates in the county jail are afforded many amenities including visitation and in some locations video visitation for family or friends who cannot visit in person. They are allowed recreational time, education, medical and mental health treatment, and substance abuse assistance. Some detention centers allow inmates to receive care packages, and most offer bond and bail services. 40% of the inmates in New Mexico local county jails are eligible for bail or bond but do not take advantage of the benefit.

New Mexico Local County Jails

The Santa Fe County jail offers inmates some progressive programming and treatment options. For example, they provide the following educational classes:

  • Coping Skills
  • Anger Management
  • Life Skills
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Substance Abuse (AA, NA, Matrix, Narcan)

Their mission statement reads: “The Mission of the Santa Fe County Adult Correctional Facility is to provide expedient, professional, and ethical quality service in partnerships with the community to create a safe and secure environment for the citizens of Santa Fe County and all others entrusted in our custody. We are committed to serving with integrity, cooperation, and concern for the welfare of others. Our standards are excellence, and our model of success is teamwork.”

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

More than half (62%) of all inmates in county jails were arrested for DUIs or property offenses. Another 36% have violated their probation or parole. The median stay for most local county jail inmates is 147 days. More than 30% of county jail inmates are on some type of medication for mental illness. Almost 40% of the jail population is bondable but does not get released on bonds.

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