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New Jersey Juvenile Detention Center Inmate Search

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New Jersey Juvenile Detention Center

New Jersey has only one type of facility to hold youth offenders, and they are called juvenile detention centers. The state has four of them, each with a different demographic, focus, number of beds and varying degrees of custody. These are locked, secure facilities that provide 24/7 supervision.

The State of New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety, Juvenile Justice Commission (JJC) runs and manages all juvenile detention facilities in the state and all New Jersey juvenile detention inmate records. No one can just go online and perform a New Jersey juvenile detention inmate search because juvenile records are kept sealed until the person is 18 years old. At that time, they have the option of applying for expungement.

New Jersey Juvenile Detention Centers

There are four juvenile detention centers that provide secure confinement for youth offenders who have been sentenced by the courts to detention. Each one offers education, vocational programming, counseling, medical services, drug and alcohol treatment, physical education, family life, and health education along with post-release planning and community services. They juvenile detention facilities in New Jersey are as follows:

Johnstone Campus - is the most secure of all the juvenile detention centers in New Jersey. It features three units, the Juvenile Medium Security Facility-North Compound (JMSF-N), and the Juvenile Medium Security Facility-South Compound (JMSF-S) both for male inmates. Then they have the Juvenile Female Secure Care and Intake Facility (JFSCIF) for female inmates. This facility has 262 male beds and 52 female beds. They serve kids ages 14–20 years old. Most of them fall into the 16–17-year-old range.

New Jersey Training School (NJTS)- is the largest juvenile detention facility holding 200 male inmates. This facility was built in 1867 for troubled youth. They hold 12–24-year-olds, but the majority of them are 16–18 years old. It is described as: “NJTS campus includes seven cottages that serve as housing units, a full-service school, a vocational building, recreation facilities, a medical facility, and administrative offices.”

Facts and Statistics

There are about 200 youth offenders in juvenile detention in New Jersey. More than 73% are Black, 17% are Hispanic, and the rest white and other races. Almost 30% of them committed crimes against another person, 20% committed violent crimes, 16.45% property offenses, 11.45% weapons charges, and then 8.39% are in there because of drugs.

New Jersey Juvenile Detention Centers

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