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New Jersey County Jail Inmate Search

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New Jersey County Jail Facilities

The state of New Jersey has one type of short-term confinement facility called jails. There are twenty-one local county jails in New Jersey. Each one holds pretrial detainees awaiting their initial hearing or trial and also inmates who were sentenced to a short stint in jail rather than a longer one in prison. This most often occurs with petty criminals who have committed misdemeanors.

All county jails in New Jersey are owned and operated by the county and local law enforcement (police and Sheriffs) is in charge of New Jersey county jail inmate records. They keep the peace while also keeping track of the facilities and inmates. Many of the local Sheriff’s Offices have websites with an inmate roster or locator feature on them, making it easy for someone to perform a New Jersey local county jail inmate search. The list of county jails in New Jersey includes:

  • Atlantic County Jail.
  • Bergen County Jail.
  • Burlington County Jail.
  • Camden County Jail.
  • Cape May County Jail.
  • Cumberland County Jail.
  • Essex County Jail.
  • Gloucester County Jail.
  • Hudson County Jail.
  • Hunterdon County Jail.
  • Mercer County Jail.
  • Middlesex County Jail.
  • Monmouth County Jail.
  • Morris County Jail.
  • Ocean County Jail.
  • Passaic County Jail.
  • Salem County Jail.
  • Somerset County Jail.
  • Sussex County Jail.
  • Union County Jail.
  • Warren County Jail.

Some jails hold only males and others hold both female and male inmates. Because some of the residents stay for extended periods of time, these facilities offer various programs and services. Some, like the Bergen County Jail, is very high-tech with computer-operated security and around-the-clock surveillance. They provide minimum, medium, and maximum-security units, as do many of the local county jails in New Jersey. This particular jail has 1,150 beds. Some have more, and some serve fewer inmates.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

There are roughly 15,000 people in local county jails in New Jersey. More inmates (30%) are in county jails because of violent offenses than any other type. After that, the top reasons are drugs (28%), weapons (27%), property offenses (8%), and then public violations (4%). Most inmates are between the ages of 25–44. About 71% of them are Black, 14% are White, 12% are Hispanic, and the other 3% are unidentified races.

New Jersey County Jails

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