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New Hampshire State Prisons and Facilities

New Hampshire has two types of correctional facilities for felons. First, there are three state prisons in New Hampshire. Then they also have three transitional housing facilities to help inmate reintegrate back into society before they are fully released from prison.

The New Hampshire Department of Corrections is the government agency in charge of all facilities, inmates and New Hampshire state prison inmate records. By using the inmate locator on the NHDOC website, anyone can conduct a New Hampshire state prison inmate search at any time day or night.

Each of the facilities that make up the New Hampshire correctional system is listed below with details as to bed counts, levels of custody, and programs offered.

New Hampshire State Prison for Men (NHSPM) - is the oldest prison in the state and was built in 1812. This prison holds only male inmates and has a capacity of 1,205. The levels of custody range from general population to maximum security.

New Hampshire Correctional Facility for Women (NHCFW) - is in Concord, New Hampshire and can house up to 224 female inmates. This facility offers a wide range of programs and services, including healthcare and family-based treatment programs.

Northern NH Correctional Facility (NCF) - built in 1999, this prison is the newest in the state and is located in Berlin, New Hampshire. It houses 465 general population male inmates. Their philosophy of rehabilitation strives to: “Promote meaningful learning opportunities that nurture responsible decision making, recognize and support the development of emotional maturity and advance personal responsibility.”

North End Transitional Housing Unit/Transitional Work Center - this facility offers work-release programs and transitional housing for up to 48 male inmates. They also provide vocational training along with a myriad of other helpful programs for reentry.

Calumet Transitional Housing Unit - this facility offers work-release programs to 64 male inmates and also provides vocational training (including resume help) along with other reentry programs and services.

Shea Farm Transitional Housing Unit - this facility has a capacity for 40 female residents and offers them work-release programs, vocational help, and other like-skills training before release.

New Hampshire State Prison Inmates

There are only about 2,700 inmates in prison in New Hampshire. The incarceration rate in New Hampshire is very low compared to the national average. More than 16% of the inmates are female and the rest male. More than 85% of them are white, with a few Black, Asian, and Native American. Most crimes in New Hampshire that result in prison are property crimes (burglary, theft, motor vehicle theft). Very few violent crimes take place in New Hampshire.

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