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New Hampshire Juvenile Detention Center

New Hampshire has only one juvenile detention center in the state called the Sununu Youth Services Center and the Youth Detention Services Unit. Along with that facility, they also offer probation and parole services and community programs as well.

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services, Juvenile Justice Services (JJS) is the agency in charge of all juvenile-related services, all facilities, programs, inmates, and New Hampshire juvenile inmate records. However, juvenile records are kept sealed until the inmate turns 18. Therefore, it is impossible to perform a New Hampshire juvenile detention center inmate search. Instead, the person inquiring will have to contact the JJS directly. The JJS is responsible for rehabilitation and supervision of all youth offenders who have been sentenced by the courts to confinement. They do this through case management, specific programs, and the use of a network of contract specialists for therapies.

The New Hampshire Department of Health and Human Services describes themselves as: “the largest agency in New Hampshire state government, responsible for the health, safety, and well-being of the citizens of New Hampshire. They define a juvenile delinquent as someone who is 17 or younger who commits an offense that if they were an adult, would be charged as a felony.

The Sununu Youth Services Center and the Youth Detention Services Unit

This facility is a 24-bed secure unit which houses youth offenders aged 13–17 years old. The average length of stay is 8–12 months for most juveniles. Some pretrial detainees also stay in this facility until the judge has made a decision to let them off on probation or confine them here. Along with education and life-skills training, this facility offers treatment for mental health issues, help with addictions, and medical and dental care as well.

Community Programs

The community programs offered by the JJS in New Hampshire include intensive and intermediate group homes, general shelters, and other facilities designed to assist at-risk youth. They also offer in-home counseling, traditional counseling, transportation, and the Juvenile Offender Locator Team (JOLT).

Facts and Statistics

There are only about 70 youth offenders in juvenile detention in New Hampshire. Larceny, drug abuse, and aggravated assault are the three top reasons a youth offender is sentenced to secure confinement in New Hampshire. About 25% of the juvenile inmates are Hispanic, 15% are Black, and the rest white or other races.

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