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Nevada State Prisons and Facilities

Nevada has three different types of correctional facilities in the state. First, there are seven state prison in Nevada. Then they have ten conservation camps and also two facilities for transitional housing to help inmates reenter society. Each type of facility holds a different demographic, uses varying degrees of custody, and uses different styles of programs and services for rehabilitation.

The Nevada Department of Corrections is the entity in charge of the entire correctional system, all facilities, inmates and all Nevada state prison inmate records. It’s very easy to run a Nevada state prison inmate search using the inmate locator feature on the NDOC’s website.

Conservation Camps - each camp houses a specific number of inmates, and these facilities are low-security. Inmates work on crews performing conservation projects, roadside clean up, local area assistance and fire-fighting during the fire season. The fire camps in Nevada include:

  • CCC - Carlin Conservation Camp.
  • ECC - Ely Conservation Camp.
  • HCC - Humboldt Conservation Camp.
  • JCC - Jean Conservation Camp.
  • PCC - Pioche Conservation Camp.
  • SCC - Stewart Conservation Camp.
  • TLVBC - Three Lakes Valley Boot Camp.
  • TLVCC - Three Lakes Valley Conservation Camp.
  • TCC - Tonopah Conservation Camp.
  • WCC - Wells Conservation Camp.

State Prisons - state prisons hold felons with long-term sentences and even death-row inmates. Each facility may have different levels of custody, ranging from minimum - maximum. Each contains a different number of inmates. They offer education, vocational training, and other programming. Two of them are for women only. The list of state prisons in Nevada includes:

    • ESP - Ely State Prison.
    • FMWCC - Florence McClure Women’s Correctional Center.
    • HDSP - High Desert State Prison.
    • LCC- Lovelock Correctional Center.
    • NNCC - Northern Nevada Correctional Center.
    • SDCC - Southern Desert Correctional Center.
    • WSCC - Warm Springs Correctional Center.

    Transitional Housing - these dormitory-style housing facilities hold non-violent, non-sex crime inmates who are within 18-months of release. While there, they are allowed to find work, reconnect with family and friends, and start building a life outside of prison.

    • CGTH - Casa Grande Transitional Housing.
    • NNTH - Northern Nevada Transitional Housing.

Nevada State Prison Inmates

There are about 13,000 inmates in Nevada prisons. Roughly 91% of all inmates in Nevada prisons are men. However, the rate of women prisoners is growing each year. Almost half of all inmates are white, and about 31% are Black. More than 45% are in prison due to violent crimes. After that, the top reasons are property crimes, sex offenses, and drug/alcohol issues.

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