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Nevada Juvenile Detention Center

The state of Nevada has three juvenile detention centers to hold youth offenders. These facilities hold pretrial detainees and juveniles who have been sentenced by the courts to confinement and rehabilitation for their crimes.

The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services, Division of Child and Family Services is the government agency in charge of these facilities, all inmates and all Nevada juvenile inmate records. It isn’t possible to perform a Nevada juvenile detention center inmate search online because juvenile records are kept private until the person turns 18. Then they can apply to the courts to have their juvenile records expunged.

The three juvenile detention centers in the state of Nevada include:

  • Summit View Youth Center (SVYC)
  • Caliente Youth Center (CYC)
  • Nevada Youth Training Center (NYTC)

Each is detailed below with information on the number of beds, levels of custody, and other details.

Nevada Juvenile Detention Centers

Summit View Youth Center (SVYC) - a maximum-security center with 48 beds. This facility serves only male inmates between the ages of 16 and 21. The juvenile detention center is on 13 areas in Las Vegas. This facility provides: “recreational programming, drug, and alcohol abuse counseling, recovery programming, group, and individual counseling, sexual offender treatment, cognitive behavioral therapy, and treatment planning.”

Caliente Youth Center (CYC) - located in Caliente, Nevada, this facility serves both males and females (ages 12–18) in separate units. It has 140 total number of beds available. They use a “Forward Thinking, a cognitive-behavioral program model for rehabilitation and programming. Some of their programs include: “What Got Me Here, Responsible Behavior, Individual Change Plan, Handling Difficult Feelings, Relationships and Communication, Family, Victim Awareness, Substance Using Behaviors, and Reentry Planning.”

Nevada Youth Training Center (NYTC) - built in 1915, the Nevada Youth Training Center in Elko, Nevada has seven units and three cottages that hold 16 youth offenders. It can hold up to 160 juveniles but is currently funded for only 60. It serves both males and females ages 12 to 18. Their mission is to “promote positive value change to the youth served through a balanced, team-centered and strength-based approach. They also use the “Forward Thinking” program.

Facts and Statistics

Nevada has just under 400 youth offenders in custody in the three juvenile detention centers. Sixty-seven percent of the inmates in juvenile detention are males and the rest female. Burglary, drugs, and alcohol crimes are the three top reasons a juvenile is in custody in Nevada.

Nevada Juvenile Detention Centers

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