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Nevada County Jail Facilities

There is one type of short-term confinement facility in the Nevada correctional system; they are called county jails. There are dozens of county jails in Nevada, and many of them are called detention centers. Instead of holding just pretrial inmates, these facilities hold inmates who were sentenced by the courts to a short stay in jail rather than prison. This applies most often to petty criminals and those who have committed misdemeanors like drug and alcohol infractions.

The local county Sheriff’s Offices or city police stations are the law enforcement agencies behind local jails, and they run them, manage the inmates and transport them back and forth to court and sometimes off to prison. They are also the ones in charge of Nevada county jail inmate records. Using an inmate roster or search feature on the county website, anyone can easily perform a Nevada county jail inmate search.

Some jails hold as many as 4,000 inmates per year. Each county jail or detention center has varying degrees of custody, a specific number of beds, and some hold only women, and some hold only men. The local county websites offer a lot of helpful information for families and friends such as visitation details, information about sending money or gifts to inmates, and how to obtain a bond or bail.

Nevada Local County Jails

The oldest jails in Nevada date back to the early 1800s. The modern jails and detention centers are full of high-tech surveillance and equipment designed to make things run smoother.

For example, the Carson City Detention Center was built in 1999 and includes some of the most advanced security upgrades possible. Their vision statement reads: “The health, safety, and welfare of the inmates are first priorities for the staff and employees at the detention center. Counseling services are available daily to ensure the inmate’s wellbeing, medical, spiritual, and mental health. When warranted, the Sheriff’s Office utilizes the services of Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center and other local care providers.”

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

There are approximately 7,200 people in Nevada jails and detention centers around the state. Nevada’s rate of incarceration dwarfs that of the national average. The Las Vegas area and attractions could be one of the reasons why. More than 91% of the inmates are male and the rest female. Property crimes are the number one reason someone is in a Nevada jail. After that, the top reasons are drugs, violence, sexual offenses, and then DUIs.

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