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How Are Inmate Records in Nevada Created and Stored?

Nevada inmate records are created by all different types of law enforcement, from the time someone is arrested until they are released on parole. The first document is usually the RAP sheet which contains the person’s name, address, physical description, a mug shot, and details about their crime. After that, every event that takes place in the inmate’s life is documented and added to the file. The State of Nevada Department of Corrections is the agency in charge of inmate records, all programs, and all facilities. They store the records online in a massive database so that the general public can perform an inmate search anytime day or night.

How Does a Nevada Inmate Locator Work?

The state of Nevada makes it very easy to use a Nevada inmate locator and find someone in prison. The process for finding someone in a Nevada jail is different. To find someone in a state-run facility follow the steps below:

  1. Visit the State of Nevada Department of Corrections website .
  2. Click the “Inmate Info” button on the main menu.
  3. On the left sidebar, click “Inmate Search.”
  4. You can choose to search for an inmate via name or Offender ID. 
  5. Put in your criteria and hit the “Submit” button.
  6. A list of results will show up on the bottom of the page with the offender ID, name, gender, and the facility where they are held.
  7. You can click any offender ID for more nevada inmate information on the inmate.

When looking for criminal records, arrest records, warrants, sentencing, incarceration, and other types of public records, you can also try the InfoTracer's Nevada offender search tool to quickly and easily pull up records on someone. 

What Does Nevada’s Prison System Look Like?

The entire prison system in Nevada is operated and overseen by the State of Nevada Department of Corrections. This agency is managed by Director, James Dzurenda, who works closely with the Governor to maintain public safety through their programs and facilities. The Nevada prison system includes: 

  • 7 State Prisons
  • 0 Federal prisons
  • 3 Juvenile detention centers
  • 11 conservation camps
  • 2 transitional housing facilities
  • Numerous local county and city jails. 

Did you Know?

  • 0.46% of people in Nevada are under correctional control, from which 13,724 are on probation, and 5,261 are on parole.
  • Every year, about 3,622 people walk out of prison gates in Nevada, but people go to jail 1.1 times more each year
  • 91% of prison inmates in Nevada are male, 9% female.
  • From 1979–80 to 2012–13, state and local government expenditures on corrections in Nevada increased by 474 percent (from $117,879,428 to $676,355,000).
  • Between 2007 and 2016, the Nevada prison population increased by 3%

Types of Jails and Prisons in Nevada

The state of Nevada has a few different types of confinement facilities within its borders. First, the state has seven state-run and operated prisons for felons who are sentenced to more than a year in prison. They also have eleven conservation camps that serve a dual purpose of helping the environment while also promoting rehabilitation for low-security inmates. Nevada has two transitional housing facilities that help inmates regain their footing before being released. There are three facilities that house youth offenders, under the age of 18 and numerous local county and city jails to house pretrial inmates. 

Nevada Inmate Search