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Nebraska County Jail Facilities

Nebraska has one type of short-term confinement facility in the state and they are called jails. There are ninety-three county jails in Nebraska. Each one holds pretrial detainees and inmates sentenced to short stays in jail rather than go to prison.

The local law enforcement (usually Sheriff’s Offices) are in charge of the local jail facilities and all Nebraska county jail inmate records. Therefore, anyone interested in performing a Nebraska county jail inmate search must contact the Sheriff’s Office or use the inmate locator on their website. Most counties have websites with information about the jail, visitation, and details for family and friends.

Each county jail has a specific number of beds, different custody levels, and offers inmates programs and services most appropriate for their situation. For example, the Lancaster County jail has 786 beds and was opened in 2013. This facility provides for inmates with special needs, mental health issues, behavioral concerns, those with cognitive defects, and those with developmental disabilities. Most jails also offer bond and bail services for those inmates whose families can afford to get them released. Some of the facilities have high-tech options for visitation via a computer when family members cannot visit.

Nebraska Local County Jails

The first Nebraska jails date back to the early 1800s. It wasn’t until 1870 when the first prison was built that prisoners in jail were moved there. Local county jails offer inmates adult education including GEDs, substance abuse treatment, vocational assistance, family/parenting education, religious studies, library services, medical and dental care, transitional/reentry planning and other therapies.

Douglas County is a large Nebraska jail that holds more than 1,400 inmates, both male and female. This jail offers a house-arrest option for some low-risk inmates. They use electronic tracking devices to keep tabs on house-arrest inmates. On their website, they provide a helpful list of FAQs for family and friends about bail, bonds, visitation, and other inmate-related issues. Additionally, there are work-release programs available for inmates who qualify. These programs not only keep inmates busy but also add to the quality of incarcerated living.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

There are about 3,300 people in local county jails in Nebraska. The most common reasons someone is arrested and thrown in county jails in Nebraska are crimes against another person. After that, the most common reasons are drug charges, property crimes, and sex offenses.

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