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Montana State Prisons and Facilities

The state of Montana has two types of correctional facilities for its prison system. First, there are two state prisons in Montana. One is for men, and one is for women. There is also an intake and assessment facility where every inmate begins their correctional journey. Each one is listed below with details on custody level, capacity, and other information.

Missoula Assessment and Sanction Facility - 144 bed capacity for male inmates. This facility conducts impartial assessments of each inmate to develop the most appropriate treatment plan and custody level. While they are there, inmates are screened for mental health issues, chemical dependency, and sex offender assessments. Roughly 77% of the inmates who start here, end up in community-based programs rather than prison.

Montana State Prison - is located in Deer Lodge, Montana and sits on 68 acres. They have 1,600 beds and handle all levels of custody from minimum to maximum. This facility is staffed by 640 full-time employees. It has three units, low-side, high-side, and locked housing.

Montana’s Women’s Prison - a secure facility housing 200 female inmates with a staff of 112. Their focus is on “emphasizing personal accountability, public safety, and restorative justice for crime victims.” Along with education and vocational training, this facility offers parenting classes, substance abuse treatment, mental health therapies, and cognitive/behavioral programs as well. Additionally, they have a canine training program for low-risk inmates.

The Montana Department of Corrections is the government entity in charge of all facilities, inmates and Montana state prison inmate records. They make it easy to perform a Montana state prison inmate search by using the inmate locator feature on their website. The prison has a 192-bed work and reentry center for low-risk inmates. These inmates are afforded the opportunity to work on the 35,000-acre ranch and dairy farm provided by the Montana Correctional Enterprises (MCE). Their programming includes education, religion, self-esteem building, and a philosophy of self-improvement and hard work.

Montana State Prison Inmates

There are only about 3,700 people in prison in Montana. In terms of non-violent crimes that send people to prison in Montana, the most common is larceny, then burglary and then stealing cars. For violent offenses, the top reasons that inmates are in prison in Montana are aggravated assault, rape, robbery, and then murder. Drug crimes are decreasing by a rate of 3% each year.

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