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Montana Juvenile Detention Center

Montana has two juvenile detention centers for youth offenders in the state. One is specifically for boys, and one is for girls. The state of Montana also has a youth transition center that assists youth offenders in rejoining society after their incarceration.

The Montana Department of Corrections is the government agency in charge of all juvenile programs, services, facilities, offenders, and Montana juvenile inmate records. It is not possible to perform a Montana juvenile detention center inmate search online, but you can contact the Montana Department of Corrections to inquire about a youth offender.

The Montana Department of Corrections goals are to:

  • Enhances public safety.
  • Supports the victims of crime.
  • Promotes positive change in offender behavior.
  • Re-integrates offenders into the community.

Juvenile Detention Centers

There are two youth detention centers in Montana. The first one is for boys only and is called Pine Hills Youth Correctional and it serves delinquent boys. It is located in Miles City, Montana. Steve Ray is the Superintendent for this facility. Pine Hills holds long-term inmates aged 10–17. Staff must complete 120 hours of training before working there and then must participate in 40 hours per year of ongoing education. Each day, offenders receive 16-hours of programming starting at 6:15 a.m. They use a cognitive restructuring approach for rehabilitation.

The other facility is called 5 County Treatment and Youth Rehabilitation Center, a youth detention center for girls. Nicky Chavez is the Director who runs the facility. They use a technique called DBT training skills which includes:

  • Core Mindfulness.
  • Emotion Regulation Skills.
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness.
  • Distress Tolerance Skills.

Youth Transition Centers

Great Falls Transition Center helps youth offenders reintegrate back into a normal life with stronger attitudes and better life-skills. They offer inmates education and vocational training plus their programs include things like Anger Management, Chemical Dependency, Job Preparedness Training, Untangling Relationships, Love & Logic, Life Skills, and More. Their motto is: “A Chance for Change does not refer to an overnight process. Even after learning to recognize when and where their mental processes go awry, residents can take considerable time or effort to replace a dysfunctional behavioral process or habit with a more reasonable and adaptive one.”

Facts and Statistics

Typically, there are less than 200 youth offenders in juvenile detention in Montana. Property crimes are the most common reasons someone is sent to juvenile detention. After that, aggravated assault is top of the list, then motor vehicle theft and drugs.

Montana Juvenile Detention Centers

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