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Missouri State Prisons and Facilities

The state of Missouri has a few different types of correctional facilities. First, there are twenty-two state prisons in Missouri. Then they also have community supervision and community release centers. Additionally, there are dozens of parole and probation offices spread across the state where parolees and probationers can check-in with their officer and receive services. The state prisons range from minimum security to maximum with some facilities having different wings or units for custody. Only one state prison houses female inmates.

The Missouri Department of Corrections is the government entity in charge of the entire correctional system, all facilities, inmates and Missouri state prison inmate records. When searching for an inmate in a Missouri state prison, someone could easily use the inmate locator on the MDOC website to perform a Missouri state prison inmate search.

The DOC is headed up by Director Anne L. Precythe, and it employs 11,000 workers, and they supervise 31,500 inmates along with another 58,000 on parole or probation. They use a system of rehabilitation, treatment, and education. More than 96% of all inmates will eventually be released. Almost half of the inmates are between the ages of 30–44. Thirty-seven percent are in minimum security, 33% are in medium security, and 25% are in maximum-security units. Eighty-nine percent of the prison population is male and the rest female. Two-thirds of the inmates are white, more than 11,000 are Black, and the rest are a mix of Hispanic, Native American, Asian and unknown races.

The Missouri Department of Corrections motto is: “A Safer Missouri and the Standard of Excellence in Corrections.” Their mission states: “Improving Lives for Safer Communities.” They do this through a system of values:

  • “We value safe work environments, a capable workforce, and reduced risk and recidivism.
  • We value integrity and respect.
  • We value supportive leadership.
  • We value employee participation and teamwork.”

Along with education, they offer inmates vocational training, life-skills assistance, reentry services, therapy, treatment, and special services for veterans.

Missouri State Prison Inmates

More people are in prison due to crimes against another person than any other. These crimes include assault, robbery, rape, murder, elder abuse, child molestation, and arson. After that, the next top reasons inmates are thrown in prison in Missouri are property offenses, drugs, DWIs, and others (including public disorderly conduct, weapons, and nonsupport).

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