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Missouri Juvenile Detention Center

The state of Missouri uses a few different types of facilities and programs to assist youth offenders with getting back on track. Each one is explained in more detail below.

The Missouri Department of Social Services, Division of Youth Services (DYS) is the agency in charge of all facilities, programs, services, and Missouri juvenile inmate records. Because juvenile records are sealed until the inmate reaches adulthood, no one can perform a Missouri juvenile detention center inmate search online. Instead, they must contact the DYS or the facility itself to locate an inmate.

The DYS uses the following core principles in their residential programs:

  • Individualized and Group Treatment.
  • Life Skills Training.
  • Community Service.
  • Family Engagement Opportunities.
  • Family Treatment.
  • Education Services.

They also offer in-home services for kids who are allowed to remain at home, individualized care, aftercare services to help reduce the possibility of recidivism and they use a lot of family engagement to help the entire process for rehabilitation. The DYS mission states: “The vision of the Missouri Division of Youth Services (DYS) is that every young person served by Missouri DYS will become a productive citizen and lead a fulfilling life. DYS is committed to protecting the safety of Missouri citizens by providing individualized, comprehensive, strengths, and needs-based services that enable youth to successfully reintegrate into their home and community.”

Community-Based Group Homes

Group homes offer youth offenders a low-security option with 24-hour supervision in a home-like setting with ten kids to a home. While there, they are provided with elementary and secondary education, individual and family treatment, and community engagement.

Moderately Structured Facilities

Missouri has nine facilities that operate like group homes but provide more structure and stricter supervision. Three of them are located in state parks. Inmates are offered elementary and secondary education along with a GED program and remedial/special education if needed.

Secure Detention

The state of Missouri has five secure facilities to serve youth offenders who were placed in their care by the courts. During treatment, they will receive education, remedial, special help, and vocation assistance. These facilities have varying degrees of custody and serve different demographics.

Facts and Statistics

There are fewer than 1,000 youth offenders in juvenile detention in Missouri. Of those, the majority are white, a good number of them are Black, and the rest are Hispanic and other races. The most common offenses committed by youth offenders in juvenile detention are assault, then stealing, property damage and then drugs, disturbing the peace and then burglary.

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