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Missouri County Jail Facilities

The state of Missouri has only one kind of short-term confinement facility in its corrections system called jails. There are 114 county jails in Missouri. They are spread among each of the counties and run and managed independently by the counties and towns.

Local county Sheriff’s Offices are the law enforcement agency who managed the inmates and all Missouri county jail inmate records. Many of the Sheriff’s Offices have websites with an inmate locator on them to help the general public perform a Missouri county jail inmate search easily.

Local county jails hold both pretrial detainees and inmates who have been sentenced by the courts to short stays in jail rather than prison. This is usually for petty criminals and inmates who have committed misdemeanors.

Along with a list of inmates, many of the local county websites also provide general information about the jail, visitation details, how to send money or gifts to inmates and helpful tips for friends and family. Many of the local jails offer AA and NA meetings, religious services, educational programs, medical, library, and legal services as well.

Missouri Local County Jails

The Jackson County Jail and Marshal’s House in Independence, Missouri, is the oldest county jail in the state. It was built in 1859 and was decommissioned in 1933 and replaced with a newer building. In 1970 it was restored and now resides in the National Register of Historic Places and acts as a museum for the public to visit. The county Marshall lived in the building with his family during the time he acted as the lawman for the area. The original structure had six upstairs and six downstairs cells built with 2-foot limestone walls. Frank James, the brother of outlaw Jesse James, was once an inmate in the Jackson County Jail in 1880.

Nowadays, there are approximately 11,430 people in Missouri jails. Missouri jail populations fall short of the national average. There is a high percentage of Black inmates in Missouri jails, with the second-highest number being American Indian, then Hispanic and then White.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

Of the more than 11,000 inmates in county jails in Missouri, the most common reason they are there are property crimes. The second most popular crime that lands someone in a jail in Missouri is larceny/theft, then burglary, then violent crimes, aggravated assault and then motor vehicle theft.

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