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Mississippi State Prisons and Facilities

There are only three state prisons in Mississippi. Each one is listed below with details on custody levels, number of beds, and other details:

Central Mississippi Correctional Facility - it was built in 1986 on sits on 171 acres with 18 housing units and ten support buildings. It has a capacity to hold 4,131 offenders. This facility also handles intake and assessment for the entire correctional system. They house both male and female offenders and even juveniles as well. They offer three levels of custody (minimum, medium, and close). There is a commercial print shop on the campus run by the Mississippi Prison Industries Corp. (MPIC).

Mississippi State Penitentiary - is the oldest prison in Mississippi and was built in 1901. It sits on 18,000 acres and houses 3,560 inmates. There are seven housing units with 58 support buildings. This facility houses only male inmates under minimum, medium, and close security. They also house inmates on death row. The Mississippi Department of Corrections claims that: “MSP is also home to Mississippi Prison Industries Corp., (MPIC’s) work program for its textile and metal fabrication. The majority of the farming activity involving Mississippi Prison Agricultural Enterprises (MPAE) takes place at MSP. MPAE supplies food to Parchman and the other two state institutions, ten community work centers, and four restitution centers.”

South Mississippi Correctional Institution - is the newest state prison in Mississippi and was built in 1989. It is accredited by the American Correctional Association and the National Commission on Correctional Health Care. It sits on 360 acres, has 16 housing units, and serves 3,082 inmates. They offer minimum, medium, and close supervision. This facility has a blueberry orchard, and prisoners are allowed to work it.

The Mississippi Department of Corrections is the government entity in charge of all facilities and Mississippi state prison inmate records. Using the inmate locator on their website, they make it easy to perform a Mississippi state prison inmate search.

Mississippi State Prison Inmates

There are roughly 19,136 inmates in prison in Mississippi. About.087% are female, and the rest of them are male. Almost 65% are Black, 34% are white, 1% are Hispanic, and the rest are other races. About 2/3rd of the inmates have committed violent crimes. Non-violent and drug offenses are the second and third reasons inmates are in Mississippi prisons and then sex offenses.

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