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Minnesota State Prison Inmate Search

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Minnesota State Prisons and Facilities

The state of Minnesota has one type of long-term confinement facility, which is prisons. There are ten state prisons in Minnesota. The state of Minnesota uses four levels of custody as follows:

  • Minimum: Stillwater, Lino Lakes, Faribault, Togo, Willow River, Red Wing (Adults).
  • Medium: Lino Lakes, Moose Lake, Faribault.
  • Close: Rush City, St. Cloud, Stillwater.
  • Maximum: Oak Park Heights.

MCF-Shakopee houses females with varying degrees of custody. All of the facilities offer inmates the ability to work in prisons jobs while incarcerated. Minnesota is highly committed to educational programming to avoid recidivism along with treatment for substance abuse and mental illness. Many of the prisons also offer vocational training. Ninety-five percent of inmates will be released at the end of their sentences.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections is the entity in charge of all the state prison facilities and Minnesota state prison inmate records. Using the inmate locator feature on their website, anyone can perform a Minnesota state prison inmate search at any time of day or night.

The MDOC promotes its vision of contributing to a safer Minnesota through their mission: “Reduce recidivism by promoting offender change through proven strategies during safe and secure incarceration and effective community supervision.” They do this by employing their core values of:

"Safety: by supporting a safety-conscious environment for staff and offenders.

Research-supported Practice: by providing offender programs and interventions based on evidence-based principles.

Open and Transparent Communication: by ensuring that information is shared with staff, offenders, and stakeholders.

Commitment to Employee Growth and Development: by fostering employee diversity, collaboration, initiative, and opportunities for growth, knowing that our strength lies in our skilled and talented employees.

Culture of Professionalism: by commitment to a high standard of ethics, behavior, and work activities.

Organizational Development: by providing an environment that encourages strong quality results through teamwork, technology, training, and process improvement.

Collaboration: by facilitating cooperative interaction with staff and justice partners, building consensus to support our common interest of reducing recidivism.”

Minnesota State Prison Inmates

The state of Minnesota has only 10,111 inmates in state prison. The entire correctional system works off a budget of $585,142,000. Of the total inmates, almost 93% of them are male and the rest female. Most of the inmates are in prison due to crimes against another person. After that, the top reasons for being in prison in Minnesota are drug charges, property crimes, weapons, DWI offenses, and other crimes.

Minnesota State Prisons

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