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Minnesota Juvenile Detention Center Inmate Search

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Minnesota Juvenile Detention Center

Minnesota has a single juvenile detention center to hold youth offenders who have been sentenced by the courts to confinement and rehabilitation. The facility is called Minnesota Correctional Facility-Red Wing. The juvenile detention center offers education, treatment programs, and transitional services to youth offenders in the state of Minnesota.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections is the government agency in charge of juvenile justice services for the state. They also create, maintain, and store all Minnesota juvenile inmate records. Juvenile records are kept private until the inmate reaches adulthood. Then they can apply to have their records permanently expunged. Therefore, no one can perform a Minnesota juvenile detention center inmate search online. It is not possible.

Minnesota Correctional Facility-Red Wing

The Red Wing facility holds only male juvenile inmates and is located in

Red Wing, Minnesota. This facility was built in 1889 and was designed explicitly for chronic offenders. The Minnesota Department of Corrections has this to say about the facility: “Juvenile residents participate in the facility’s cognitive/behavior restructuring and skill development treatment program. Risk/needs assessments are completed for each resident, and outcomes are used to develop the resident’s individual treatment plan.

Monthly and quarterly reports are used to measure progress toward treatment plan completion. All residents are expected to develop an individualized relapse prevention plan and demonstrate its effectiveness during daily activities before their release.

In addition, the facility provides a separate community re-entry program for 43 minimum-security adult male offenders.”

This facility also offers detention services for pretrial inmates along with predisposition evaluation services as requested by the courts. They rely on primarily a Cognitive/Behavioral Treatment program along with substance abuse treatment, sex offender treatment, mental health services, and education to promote change. Along with education, the youth offenders are allowed recreation and afforded transitional and aftercare services to ensure their success after release.

Facts and Statistics

At any given time, the Minnesota juvenile detention center has less than 100 residents. The average population is around 68 youths at one time. The average age of those juveniles is 17 years old. The majority of them are white; a small number are Black, American Indian, and Hispanic. The top three offenses which land a youth offender in juvenile detention are burglary, criminal sexual misconduct, and weapons charges. Most are sentenced in the Hennepin County courts.

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