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Minnesota County Jail Inmate Search

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Minnesota County Jail Facilities

In Minnesota, people who are arrested or awaiting trial or a hearing are placed in custody in local jails. There are eighty-two county jails in Minnesota. Each one is independently owned and operated by the local county or towns they reside. They may have varying levels of custody and offer different types of programs and services to inmates. Some serve specific demographics (such as women or juveniles), and some serve all.

The local county Sheriff’s Office is the law enforcement agency in charge of managing the facilities, inmates and all Minnesota county jail inmate records. It is very easy to perform a Minnesota county jail inmate search. Most Sheriff’s Offices have websites with an updated inmate roster or booking records. Some even have an inmate locator search feature.

Minnesota County Jails

Inmates who have committed petty crimes like local ordinance violations or misdemeanors may be sentenced to a few months in jail rather than prison. These local county jails hold those inmates also.

Clay County Jail is the oldest in the state, and their mission statement reads: “Clay County is dedicated to providing services to the public in an efficient, responsible and professional manner. Services will be delivered in a caring, humane environment. The county is dedicated to providing a work environment where we respect the dignity and recognize the merit of each individual employee. Clay County is committed to a policy of open government.”

Along with essential medical services, many of the local county jails also offer educational programs, work-release details, mental health and substance abuse treatment and vocational assistance. Many also provide services to victims of inmates held there. These jails contract with third-party medical companies to provide nursing care, dental work, and on-call physicians. They do not generally staff these positions with full-time employees.

Most jails also offer bail and bond options for inmates who can pay the fines and get released until their court date.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

There are about 5,900 inmates incarcerated in Minnesota local county jails. Of that total, only about.07% are women, and the rest are men. Just below half (42%) have chemical dependencies to drugs or alcohol. Drug and alcohol charges are the most common reasons that someone is in jail in Minnesota. After that, the top reasons include property offenses, crimes against another person, sexual crimes, and then weapons.

Minnesota County Jails

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