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Maryland State Prisons and Facilities

The state of Maryland has a couple of different types of correctional facilities in the state. First, they have twenty-four state prisons in Maryland. Some of the state prisons are pre-release units which help inmates prepare for being back out in the free world. The state also has four detention facilities where they hold pretrial detainees and short-term inmates. Maryland has dozens of community corrections offices to handle parolees and probationers.

The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services is the government entity in charge of all state-run facilities and Maryland State prison inmate records. They have a handy inmate locator feature on their website so that anyone can perform a Maryland state prison inmate search at any time of night or day. They provide inmates with rehabilitation combined with educational programs, vocational assistance, job skills training, access to psychological and health services along with drug and alcohol treatment.

The prisons in Maryland have reduced violence dramatically by cracking down on cell phones, using K9 units, and specialized staff training programs. They also provide victim services to “those whose lives have been impacted by offenders under correctional supervision.” Maryland boasts that its state prison educational program rivals that of the private sector. They also have a program called: “Public Safety Works, a new initiative of the Department, gives inmates the chance to pay society back, while simultaneously learning valuable employment skills and intangible but important traits such as patience, compassion, and community appreciation.”

The list of state prisons in Maryland include:

  • Baltimore City Correctional Center.
  • Brockbridge Correctional Facility.
  • Chesapeake Detention Facility (Formerly MCAC).
  • Central Maryland Correctional Facility (Formerly CLF).
  • Dorsey Run Correctional Facility.
  • Eastern Correctional Institution, Eastern Correctional Institution Annex, Eastern Pre-Release Unit.
  • Home Detention Unit.
  • Jessup Correctional Institution.
  • Maryland Correctional Institution - Hagerstown.
  • Maryland Correctional Institution - Jessup.
  • Maryland Correctional Institution for Women.
  • North Branch Correctional Institution.
  • Roxbury Correctional Institution.
  • Southern Maryland Pre-Release Unit.
  • Threshold.
  • Western Correctional Institution.

The four detention centers run by Maryland’s Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services division are:

  • Baltimore Central Booking and Intake Center.
  • Baltimore Pretrial Complex.
  • Metropolitan Transition Center.
  • Youth Detention Center.

Maryland State Prison Inmates

There are roughly 18,000 people in Maryland’s state prisons. Of those, seventy percent are Black, and 27.7% are white. Only.04% are female, and the rest are male. Most inmates in prison in Maryland committed either larceny-theft, breaking and entering, aggravated assault, robbery or motor vehicle theft. Only a small number of inmates committed more violent crimes like rape and murder.

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