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Maryland Federal Facilities

The state of Maryland has three types of federal correctional facilities. First, there is one federal prison in Maryland called FCI Cumberland. Then there is a regional office in Annapolis and a residential reentry management field office in Baltimore. The three work closely together to rehabilitate federal inmates who have broken federal laws inside of the state of Maryland.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons (FOB) is the government agency that runs, manages, and owns all federal prisons. They also maintain all Maryland federal prison inmate records. Finding someone located in the federal prison in Maryland is quite easy. There is an inmate locator feature on the FOB website so that anyone can perform a Maryland federal prison inmate search at any time. Their website also provides details about each facility, information on visitation, sending gifts and money, and contact phone numbers.

Maryland Federal Prison

FCI Cumberland is Maryland’s only federal prison. The FOB describes it as “a medium-security federal correctional institution with an adjacent minimum-security satellite camp.” It holds 1,279 male inmates (1,026 at the FCI and 253 at the camp). It is located in Cumberland, Maryland and has visitation only on Sundays, Fridays, and Saturdays.

Maryland Regional Office

Maryland’s Mid-Atlantic regional office is an “administrative office providing oversight & support to facilities located in the Mid-Atlantic Region (MXR).” This office is headed up by D. J. Harmon, and they manage 27,058 federal offenders. It is located in Annapolis, Maryland.

Maryland Residential Reentry Management Field Office

The single residential reentry management field office in Maryland is located in Washington, Maryland. It acts as a liaison between the FOB and local law enforcement, the U.S. Marshall’s Service, courts and other community agencies.

Famous Federal Prison Inmates in Maryland

  • Jeffrey MacDonald- convicted in 1979 of the gruesome murder of his wife and two children. MacDonald was a former U.S. Army doctor. He is serving a life sentence. Joe McGinniss wrote a book about his story called “Fatal Vision.”
  • Vittorio Amuso- former crime boss of the Lucchese family in New York City. He was convicted in 1992 of racketeering and murder. He is serving a life sentence.
  • Joseph Watts- a member of the Gambino crime family who was convicted in 2011 for a murder conspiracy in 1989. He is scheduled for release in March of 2022.
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