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Maryland County Jail Facilities

There are seventy-five local county jails in Maryland. These correctional facilities hold pretrial detainees and inmates serving short sentences of twelve months or less for misdemeanors. Each of these local county jails is operated and run by the local police or Sheriff’s Office. They are also the government agency in charge or all Maryland county jail inmate records. Performing a Maryland county jail inmate search is easy. They have an inmate locator feature on the Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services website.

Some of the local county jails are called detention centers and serve additional purposes like assisting the state prisons with overcrowding. Many local county jails provide education, vocational training, work-release programs, and community integration for short-term inmates.

Local County Jails in Maryland

Each local county jail in Maryland serves a different demographic, has varying levels of custody, and offers specific amenities to their inmates. Each one also has a maximum number of beds. Although the purpose of a local county jail is clear, each county or town may have a different approach. For example, Caroline County uses the CARE (Community Assistance and Rehabilitation Enterprise) method with inmates and encourages a lot of community involvement, including a cat shelter program. They have had tremendous success with their rehabilitative approach. Their mission statement reads: “Our core mission is to protect the public. We accomplish this mission not only by keeping our inmates securely within our facility, but by working hard to ensure that they emerge as more responsible citizens upon their reentry into society.”

The Baltimore City Jail is the oldest jail in the state and was built in 1801. It now serves as a state prison for men and women. Edgar Allan Poe was once imprisoned there for an unpaid debt he shared with his brother. In 1885 reporters announced in TheBaltimore Sunthat the jail operated under poor living conditions and should be torn down.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

Most people thrown in jail in Maryland have committed larceny-theft, breaking or entering, aggravated assault, robbery or motor vehicle theft. Very few have committed more violent crimes like rape and murder. However, it is interesting to note that there are three times as many rapes as there are murders in Maryland. There is a total of roughly 11,000 people in Maryland jails at any given time.

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