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Maine Juvenile Detention Center

Maine has two juvenile detention centers in the state. These facilities hold youth offenders who have been sentenced by the courts to juvenile detention. Maine also uses community corrections centers for youth offenders on parole and probation. Maine has three regional community corrections offices around the state.

The State of Maine Department of Corrections runs and operates all juvenile detention facilities and is in charge of maintaining Maine juvenile inmate records. Juvenile records are private, and a Maine juvenile detention center inmate search is not possible online. To find someone in a Maine juvenile detention center, the person would have to contact the Department of Corrections directly or call the facility where they were held.

The Department of Corrections website has useful information for family and friends; how to contact an inmate, send money or gifts, and receive phone calls. They also provide guides for parents to help them process the situation.

Maine Juvenile Detention Centers

The state of Maine has two juvenile detention centers to hold youth offenders. They are as follows:

Long Creek Youth Development Center - this facility was opened in 1853 and holds 163 male and female juveniles. Their mission states: “The Long Creek Youth Development Center is committed to creating and providing opportunity for success through personal growth in a safe and secure environment.”

Mountain View Correctional Facility - holds 394 youths (374 males and 20 females). It was opened in 1980 and has minimum, medium, and community custody levels. Their mission statement reads: “The Mission of Mountain View Correctional Facility is to protect the public by providing a safe and secure environment for our staff and prisoners. A dedicated team of professionals provides treatment programs and model behavior to promote rehabilitation and reintegration back to families and communities. We offer education, vocational, and real-world work opportunities, along with graduated furloughs to promote successful re-entry; thereby promoting public safety.”

Facts and Statistics

Seventy-one percent of juveniles in Maine detention centers are male, and 29% are female. The majority of them are aged 15–17. Ninety-two percent of those juveniles are white are the rest are other races. The most common reason for sending a child to juvenile detention is property offenses (53%), then drugs and alcohol (22%) and then crimes against another person (21%). Most committed misdemeanor offenses and only a small number actually commit felonies.

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