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Maine County Jail Facilities

There are seventeen county jails in the state of Maine. Each one is owned and operated by the county. Usually, the local county Sheriff’s Office is the law enforcement agency in charge of all county jail facilities and Maine county jail inmate records. Local county jails hold pretrial detainees along with inmates who have been sentenced by the courts to a short time in jail rather than prison. These are most often misdemeanor criminals.

Performing a Maine county jail inmate search is easy. All anyone has to do is contact the local Sheriff’s Office or check out their website. Many of them have inmate locator features or a listing of current inmates. Some also provide information on sending gifts and money, contacting inmates, phone calls, and available programs while incarcerated.

Maine County Jails

There are seventeen county jails in Maine. Approximately 1,800 people are in Maine jails. Many of the local Sheriff’s Offices have a website with helpful links and information for family and friends. Old York Gaol was the first Maine prison built in 1720. It held prisoners awaiting trial or a hanging. It was made from timber from the York County jail which dates back even further to 1656. It is now part of the historical society and used as a museum for patrons to visit.

The modern county jails have different levels of custody, ranging from minimum-security to close security. They also have a commissary and provide work-release, and other programs to the inmates held there. Each jail holds a different number of inmates. For example, the York County Jails holds 300 inmates and their mission is to: “providing safe, secure and humane care for our inmate population. The Corrections Division is charged with the care, custody, and control of inmates that are being held at the York County Jail.”

The local county jails in Maine include:

  • Aroostook County Jail.
  • Androscoggin County Jail
  • Cumberland County Jail.
  • Franklin County Jail.
  • Hancock County Jail.
  • Knox County Jail.
  • Kennebec County Jail.
  • Lincoln County Jail.
  • Oxford County Jail.
  • Penobscot County Jail.
  • Piscataquis County Jail.
  • Sagadahoc County Jail.
  • Somerset County Jail.
  • Two Bridges Regional Jail.
  • Waldo County Jail.
  • Washington County Jail
  • York County Jail.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

By far, larceny-theft is the most common reason (72.02%) someone is arrested and put in jail. Burglary, aggravated assault, and motor vehicle theft are the next three top reasons people in Maine are thrown in jail. Maine has a very low murder rate of only.08%, with a 1.61% rape figure and then.88% rate for arson.

Maine County Jails

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