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Louisiana Juvenile Detention Center

There are three different types of juvenile detention center facilities/situations for youth offenders. Depending on the risk-factor and needs of the child, they will be placed in the best possible option for them. First, for low-risk juveniles, the courts may allow them to live at home and work within the framework of community services where a caseworker coordinates with the family and other outside counseling options. In higher-risk situations where the child needs to be removed from their home, they may be designated to community residential placement homes where group home leaders provide the supervision and direction necessary. For the highest-risk youth offenders, they will need to be sent to secure facilities under close supervision. Louisiana has three of these facilities.

The State of Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice (OJJ) is the agency in charge of all youth services and all Louisiana juvenile inmate records. Because juvenile records are kept private, you cannot just go online and perform a Louisiana juvenile detention center inmate search. But, someone searching for a youth offender in the system can contact the OJJ directly to get information.

Community Supervision

Juveniles served by this type of supervision are adjudicated delinquent and/or from FINS (Families in Need of Services). This type of supervision may include parole or probation, and all the youth offenders must comply with court-ordered rules while families work with an OJJ caseworker.

Residential Home Placement

Residential home placement is for non-secure supervision outside of the family home. The OJJ describes these residences as: “Non-Secure Care, more commonly called Residential Placement, is a less restrictive means of providing custody for youth in need of treatment and out of home placement, but do not pose a large threat to public safety.”

Juvenile Detention Center (secure supervision)

The state of Louisiana has three juvenile detention centers for housing dangerous and high-risk youth offenders. They are held in secure units of 10–12 kids each.

The juvenile detention centers in Louisiana are:

  • Bridge City Center for Youth, in Jefferson Parish, near New Orleans.
  • Swanson Center for Youth in Monroe.
  • Swanson Center for Youth at Columbia, a satellite facility to Swanson-Monroe.

Facts and Statistics

There are about 1,700 youth offenders in Louisiana. Roughly half are in secure confinement and the other half in non-secure supervision. There is a disproportionately high number of black youth offenders when compared with white in juvenile detention.

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