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Louisiana Federal Facilities

The state of Louisiana has only one type of federal long-term confinement facility, which is prisons. There are two federal prisons in Louisiana. These prisons hold felons who broke federal laws while inside Louisiana state lines.

All federal prisons are operated and managed by the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FOB). The FOB is also in charge of maintaining all Louisiana federal prison inmate records. Anyone interested in running a Louisiana federal prison inmate search can visit the FOB’s website to use the inmate locator feature or contact them directly. The Federal Bureau of Prisons has a helpful website with a page for each facility with information on visitation, directions, how to send gifts and money to inmates and other details for friends and family.

The Federal Bureau of Prisons describes itself as: “Our agency was established in 1930 to provide more progressive and humane care for federal inmates, to professionalize the prison service, and to ensure consistent and centralized administration of federal prisons.”

Louisiana Federal Prisons

Louisiana has two federal prisons which hold felons for a period of months, years, or even a lifetime. In some cases, federal inmates are sentenced to death. The two federal prisons in Louisiana include:

  • Oakdale Federal Correctional Complex - consists of two units, I and II. Unit I is a low-security federal correctional institution holding 1,131 male inmates. Unit II is a low-security federal correctional institution with an adjacent minimum-security satellite camp housing 1,122 offenders (137 at the camp and 885 at the FCI).
  • Pollock Federal Correctional Complex - a correctional complex with two units. FCI Pollock is a medium-security federal correctional institution with 1,428 male inmates.

USP Pollock is a high-security U.S. penitentiary with an adjacent minimum-security satellite camp holding 1,306 inmates (1,116 at the USP and 190 at the camp).

Famous Federal Prison Inmates in Louisiana

  • Gene Gotti- former caporegime and brother of famed New York City crime boss John Gotti. Was convicted in 1989 of running a drug ring and was paroled in September of 2018.
  • Shi Lei - a former cook who was convicted in 2005 for using violence to seize and exercise control of a vessel in international waters for murdering Captain Chen Chung-She and First Mate Le Da Feng during an unsuccessful hijacking attempt in 2002.
  • Richard Scutari- member and former security chief for The Order (a white supremacist group) convicted in 1986 of committing an armored car robbery worth $3.8 million. He intended to use the money to overthrow the U.S. government. He is still in prison at the FCI Mendota.
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