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How Are Inmate Records in Louisiana Created and Stored?

Inmate records in Louisiana are created by law enforcement and corrections staff. The process begins when someone is arrested, and a RAP sheet is filled out with their name, address, physical description, and details about their crime. The suspect is then held in jail until the time of their hearing or trial. All of these events are noted in the file, which then becomes their permanent criminal record. The Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections is the agency in charge of the prison system for the state. According to Louisiana R.S. 15:574.12, inmate records are confidential, so they do not provide a way to perform an inmate search online.

How Does a Louisiana Inmate Locator Work?

The process for finding someone incarcerated in the Louisiana prison system is simple; they require that the person calls The Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections directly to get information. They do not keep the inmate records online, but they do have a Louisiana inmate locator system. The requestor will need the inmate's name and date of birth to search. They can also search using the Louisiana DOC# (offender ID). The Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections also encourages victims or other users to try the VINELink system to locate a prison inmate in Louisiana. If someone is interested in finding out if a person has ever been arrested or has other criminal records, they can try using the Infotracer search tool.

What Does Louisiana’s Prison System Look Like?

The state of Louisiana has about 19,000 people in prison within the state. Since the state has more criminals than beds, many of the 36,000 state offenders have been shipped off to other locations around the U.S. to serve out their sentences. The Louisiana prison system is under the direction of the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections and Secretary, James M. Le Blanc. The facilities that make up the prison system are:

  • 9 State Prisons
  • 64 County Jails
  • 2 Federal Prisons
  • 3 Juvenile Detention Centers
  • Reentry initiatives and community corrections programs

Did you Know?

  • 0.76% of people in Louisiana are under correctional control, from which 40,174 are on probation, and 30,907 are on parole.
  • Every year, about 10,807 people walk out of prison gates in Louisiana, but people go to jail 1.1 times more each year
  • 94% of prison inmates in Louisiana are male, 6% female.
  • From 1979–80 to 2012–13, state and local government expenditures on corrections in Louisiana increased by 290 percent (from $327,938,207 to $1,279,578,000).
  • Between 2007 and 2016, the Louisiana prison population decreased by 5%

Types of Jails and Prisons in Louisiana

Louisiana has nine state prisons. They house only a fraction of the total state offenders. Because of this overcrowding, many Louisiana prisoners will be incarcerated elsewhere in other state or private prisons. The state does have a healthy reentry and community corrections programs to help reduce recidivism. Louisiana also has sixty-four jails to hold suspects before sentencing, two federal prisons that hold offenders who have broken federal laws and three juvenile detention centers for youth offenders.

How Many People are Locked up in Louisiana?

Louisiana’s prison system holds 35,682 residents in various kinds of correctional facilities, from which 15,048 residents are held in state prisons, 11 in juvenile correctional facilities, and 20,623 in local jails.

Correctional Facilities:Totals:
Juvenile Correctional Facilities11
State Prisons15,048
Local Jails20,623

Louisiana State Prisons

The state of Louisiana has only nine state prisons. They have about 19,000 beds available, which is far less than the state requires for all the criminals. The list of Louisiana state prisons includes:

  • Allen Correctional Center
  • B.B. Rayburn Correctional Center
  • David Wade Correctional Center
  • Dixon Correctional Institute
  • Elayn Hunt Correctional Center
  • Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women
  • Louisiana State Penitentiary
  • Raymond Laborde Correctional Center
  • Winn Correctional Center


How to Search for State Prison Inmates in Louisiana

When trying to locate an inmate in a Louisiana prison, there are a couple of routes to take. First, the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections has a Louisiana offender search feature, and they offer links to other outside resources. Follow the steps below to find a Louisiana inmate:

  1. Call the Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections at 225-383-4580
  2. Be sure to have the offender's ID (DOC#) or first and last names along with a birth date. The inmate's location and release date will be available. The system is updated every 24 hours
  3. Another option is to use the LAVNS, Louisiana Automated Victim Notification System set up by the Office of the Governor through the Louisiana Commission on Law Enforcement and Administration of Criminal Justice. This is an online tool that can help locate an inmate in Louisiana
  4. The other final option is to use the VINELink system to lookup a Louisiana inmate


Louisiana Federal Prisons

Currently, Louisiana has only two federal prisons which house offenders who have broken federal laws. The Federal Bureau of Prisons (FOB) oversees all federal prisons. The two federal prison complexes in Louisiana include:

  • Oakdale FCC - two facilities, one low-security facility with 1,170 male inmates, and the other a low-security facility with 994 inmates
  • Pollock FCC - two facilities, one medium-security with 1,402 male offenders and the other a high-security facility with 1,292 male inmates


How to Search for an Inmate in a Louisiana Federal Prison

Finding an inmate in a Louisiana federal prison is different than with state prisons. All federal prisons are owned and operated by the Federal Bureau of Prisons, and therefore anyone wanting information about an inmate incarcerated there must contact them directly. The FOB does have a Louisiana inmate locator feature on their website, and they have a page for each facility with details on how to contact inmates, visitation, and sending gifts or money.

Louisiana County Jails

The state of Louisiana has sixty-four counties, and each one has a Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff's Office has jurisdiction over the county jails and handles all custody matters regarding prisoners awaiting trial and sentencing. The Louisiana Department of Public Safety & Corrections has a complete list of Louisiana local law enforcement jail facilities posted on their website. The list is divided by parish/county.

Louisiana's County and Local Jail Prison Population During 2011-2016 years


How to Perform a Louisiana Jail Inmate Search

To find an inmate located in a Louisiana jail, the searcher must contact the county Sheriff's Office where the person is being held. The state does not keep a central repository of all jail inmates. That information is managed by each local Sheriff's Office. Some of the county Sheriff's Offices have websites with an inmate search feature or a list of current residents.

Louisiana Juvenile Detention Centers

The State of Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice has split its juvenile delinquency services into two types. First, they have residential provider homes to house low-risk youth offenders. These facilities focus on education and behavioral modification. Then they have three secure juvenile detention centers for males only. These are for much higher-risk offenders and those who have been court-ordered to serve time. The three facilities include:

  • Bridge City Center for Youth, in Jefferson Parish, near New Orleans
  • Swanson Center for Youth in Monroe
  • Swanson Center for Youth at Columbia, a satellite facility to Swanson-Monroe


Juvenile Population in Custody During 2011-2016 years


How to Search for Juvenile Detention Center Inmates

Juvenile records are sealed in almost all cases. Therefore someone wanting to find a Louisiana inmate held in custody in a juvenile detention center must contact the State of Louisiana Office of Juvenile Justice. This agency is in charge of all the facilities, inmates, and programs. They can provide information on visitation, sending gifts or money or finding out where the particular offender currently resides. Family and friends will have the easiest access to that information.

Why are People Incarcerated in Louisiana?

More than half of all male inmates in Louisiana are incarcerated due to committing violent crimes. Forty-three percent of the female population has also committed violent acts. Drug crimes are the second most popular reason that both men and women are in prison in Louisiana. After that, property crimes and non-violent sex crimes rank as the next two most popular reasons for imprisonment in the state.

Louisiana’s Incarceration Rate and Statistics

Louisiana’s incarceration rate for year-end 2016 under state prison or local jail jurisdiction per 100,000 population was 760, which is higher than an average incarceration rate by 69%. The number of Louisiana prisoners at the year-end of 2016 was 35,682, from which 6% were female prisoners, whereas the number of male prisoners was 33,701 in 2016.


Where Do Louisiana Inmates Go When They are Released?

Eligible inmates can participate in a work-release program anywhere from four years to six months before their release date. This means they will be able to get a job, go to work each day, and return to prison at the end of the day. This is a supervised program called the transitional work program (TWP). Louisiana does not have any special housing or facilities to house inmates after they are released. Therefore, most will return home to family or friends.

How Does Parole Work in Louisiana?

Parole is a supervised program where inmates are released early to return to society but with some strict rules and regulations. The inmate must check in regularly with their parole officer and agree to other goals and terms. If they fail to comply with any of these stipulations, they may be sent to prison to complete their sentence.

Parole Population

Type of Parole Entry:Number of Parolees:
State Parole Population:30,907
Change in 2016:0%

How Does Someone Get Probation in Louisiana?

When a convicted felon gets sentenced in court, if it is a first-offense or the person is low-risk, the judge can assign probation instead of prison. This is a privilege granted to only specific individuals who have displayed exceptional circumstances or good behavior. Probation comes with rules, and if the offender does not follow any of the court's requirements, they will go to jail to serve out the remainder of their sentence.

Probation Statistics

Type of Parole Entry:Number of Parolees:
State Probation Population:40,174
Change in 2016:-1%

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