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Kentucky Juvenile Detention Center

There are four types of juvenile detention facilities in the state of Kentucky. First, the state has juvenile detention centers for pretrial youth offenders. The state has six of those. Then the state has nine youth development centers which hold only 30–45 youth offenders. Then they have seven youth development centers, nine group homes (for low-risk offenders) and six, day treatment centers for youth who are not sentenced to condiment by the courts.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky Department of Juvenile Justice is the government agency in charge of all juvenile facilities and Kentucky juvenile inmate records. It is not possible to search online for juvenile records as they are sealed until adulthood. However, someone wishing to perform a Kentucky juvenile detention center inmate search can contact the Department of Juvenile Justice directly.

Juvenile Detention Centers

The state of Kentucky has six secure detention center facilities to hold youth offenders who require confinement and supervision. The following list is all the juvenile detention centers in Kentucky:

  • Boyd Regional Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Breathitt Regional Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Campbell Regional Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Fayette Regional Juvenile Detention Center.
  • McCracken Regional Juvenile Detention Center.
  • Warren Regional Juvenile.

Youth Development Centers

Youth development centers are smaller, group-based facilities that offer education, treatment for mental health and substance abuse, and other programs. The youth development centers in Kentucky include:

  • Adair Youth Development Center.
  • Green River Youth Development Center.
  • Lake Cumberland Youth Development Center.
  • Mayfield Youth Development Center.
  • Morehead Youth Development Center.
  • Northern Kentucky Youth Development Center.
  • Woodsbend Youth Development Center.

Group Homes

Group homes are for less serious offenders who don’t require secure supervision. Each home houses only ten offenders at a time for individualized care. The group homes in Kentucky are:

  • Ashland Group Home.
  • Burnside Group Home.
  • Frankfort Group Home.
  • Frenchburg Group Home.
  • Hopkinsville Group Home.
  • Jackson Group Home.
  • London Group Home.
  • Middlesboro.
  • Westport Group Home.

Day Treatment Centers

The state of Kentucky also offers day treatment centers for unsupervised youth who require guidance and community-based services. The day treatment centers in Kentucky include:

  • Ashland Day Treatment Center.
  • Breathitt Day Treatment Center.
  • Christian County Day Treatment Center.
  • Hardin County Day Treatment Center.
  • Louisville Day Treatment Center.
  • Daviess Owensboro Day Treatment Center.

Facts and Statistics

Most youth offenders in Kentucky are between the ages of 14–18. There is a total of roughly 500 youth offenders in juvenile detention in Kentucky.

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