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Kentucky County Jail Facilities

There is only one type of local county correctional facility in Kentucky called jails. These local county jails are in every county, and there are dozens of them throughout the state. These facilities hold pretrial detainees awaiting their trial and suspects who were just arrested. Each one has a different number of beds and varying degrees of custody. These local jails also hold inmates who were sentenced by the courts to short terms in jail rather than prison. Therefore, they also offer educational and vocational programs along with assistance for reentry back into society. Many of them have a canteen or commissary where inmates who have been given money by family members can buy snacks or other things to make their stay more pleasant.

The local county Sheriff’s Offices are the law enforcement agencies who run and manage local jails. They also maintain the Kentucky county jail inmate records and help the public perform Kentucky county jail inmate searches through their inmate locator feature on their website. It is quite easy to find an inmate in a local county jail. Many of the Sheriff’s Offices have websites with information on sending gifts, money, and visitation. Some of them even offer video chat visitation for family members who do not live locally.

Kentucky Local County Jails

The oldest jail in Kentucky was built in 1811. It still stands today and acts as a museum for patrons to visit. Each jail in Kentucky has a set number of beds and different levels of security. For example, the Kentucky River Regional Jail holds 150 inmates and has minimum to maximum security areas. They also offer work-release programs to inmates. The mission of the Warren County jail states: “The mission of the Warren County Regional Jail is to provide a safe and well-maintained atmosphere while also providing for the care and custody of those incarcerated. We strive to be firm, fair, and consistent to those housed in our facility while complying with State and Federal regulations.”

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

Larceny/theft and drug offenses are the most common two reasons that someone is arrested and put in a Kentucky jail. There are about 20,645 inmates in Kentucky jails. Assault is also high on the list of offenses perpetrated in Kentucky. Destruction of property, burglary, and motor vehicle theft round out the most common reasons people are in Kentucky jails.


Kentucky County Jails

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