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Kansas State Prisons and Facilities

There are a few types of correctional facilities in the state of Kansas. First, there are ten state prisons in Kansas. Then they have various parole offices where probationers and parolees can check in with their respective supervisory officers. The state also has a lot of community corrections facilities to help with reentry and transition back to normal life after prison. All of the prisons serve a different demographic, and they have units with varying levels of custody.

All correctional facilities are overseen and managed by the Kansas Department of Corrections. They are also the government agency in charge of Kansas state prison inmate records. Anyone interested in running a Kansas state prison inmate search could do so easily by using the inmate locator on the Kansas Department of Corrections’ website. The Acting Secretary, Jeff Zmuda works closely with the Governor to oversee the entire correctional system in Kansas.

The Kansas Department of Corrections also provides on their website information on how to contact inmates by letter, phone, and how to visit. They detail their programs and services and offer families and loved ones a lot of helpful information. The mission of the KDOC is: “The Department of Corrections, as part of the criminal justice system, contributes to the public safety and supports victims of crime by exercising safe and effective containment and supervision of inmates, by managing offenders in the community and by actively encouraging and assisting offenders to become law-abiding citizens.”

Additionally, they have a specific unit for reentry services and their mission is to: “By using evidence-based practices, we will increase compliance with conditions of supervision and the ability of offenders to reintegrate, which will result in safely reducing revocations among Kansas parolees and probationers through a risk-reduction philosophy and a three-phase plan.”

Kansas State Prison Inmates

There are about 9,900 people in prison in Kansas at any given time. Of that total, only 9% are female, and the rest are males. Most are between the ages of 25–44. The majority (6,808) are white, 2,814 are black, 257 are American Indian and 93 are Asian. The highest number is held in minimum security units. Then after that low-medium, high-medium, then maximum. Only about 693 need to be closely supervised at all times. Roughly 50% have committed crimes against another person (not sexual offenses). The next two most popular reasons someone is in a Kansas prison are sex crimes and then drug charges.

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