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Kansas Juvenile Detention Center

The state of Kansas has only one juvenile detention center which holds youth offenders. It is called the Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex. It is split into two units. The KJCC-West facility holds female offenders, and the KJCC-East Facility holds male offenders.

The Kansas Department of Corrections oversees both facilities and maintains Kansas juvenile inmate records. It is not possible to perform a Kansas juvenile detention center inmate search online because juvenile records are kept private until the inmate turns 18. However, someone searching for a youth housed there can contact the Kansas Department of Corrections directly or call one of the facilities.

Kansas Juvenile Correctional Complex

The Kansas juvenile correctional center holds youth offenders who are awaiting a trial or been sentenced to confinement by the courts. This complex sits on 60 acres in Topeka. The facility has both medium and maximum-security areas for different types of offenders. It holds a maximum of 235 youths.

Most residents have committed felonies, and if they were adults, they would be in prison. The Kansas Department of Corrections developed a Matrix to determine placement for juvenile delinquents. According to their website: “The matrix was designed to place serious and violent offenders in a juvenile correctional facility and nonviolent offenders in community-based programs.” The facility is divided into five sections: “the diagnostic/classification area, maximum and medium-security housing for male residents, secure female housing in the stand-alone Q/R/S/T building on the east campus, central programs areas and administrative/support areas. All areas are located within a secure perimeter fence, with the exception of administration and some general service areas.”

Each youth offender must undergo a 21-day assessment in the reception and diagnostic unit (RDU). Once they are moved to their housing unit, they are able to participate in educational programs, along with some specialized programs like Thinking for a Change, Aggression Replacement Training (ART), Skill Streaming and Motivation to Change. Female offenders can also participate in the Girl Scouts through the prison ministry program. This facility also provides help for substance abuse and mental health issues as well.

Facts and Statistics

About 93% of the inmates held in juvenile detention in Kansas are males; the rest are female. The average length of stay for all inmates is about 10.5 months. The average age of all youth offenders is 17. There are approximately 168 total youth offenders in juvenile detention in Kansas at any given time.

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