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Kansas County Jail Facilities

There are 105 counties in the state of Kansas. There is only one type of short-term confinement facility in the state called local county jails. There are dozens of county jails in Kansas, one in almost every county. Local jails hold people who were just arrested and pretrial detainees. Sometimes a judge will sentence an offender to a few months in jail, and these facilities hold those inmates also. This happens most often with misdemeanors and other petty violations. Felons will be moved to prison after they are sentenced.

Local county Sheriff’s Offices manage and run local county jails in Kansas. They also maintain Kansas jail inmate records. If someone is searching for an inmate in a Kansas county jail, they can contact the Sheriff’s Office directly or use the inmate locator on their website to perform a Kansas county jail inmate search online.

Many local county Sheriff’s Offices have websites with information on visitation, details on how to send gifts and money to inmates and other important guides for family and friends. Each local county jail has a different number of beds/cells and resources. Some offer higher education, treatment programs to help with mental illness and substance abuse, and other community vocational programs to help for when they get out. The Cherokee County jail has 106 beds and offers inmates work-release programs in the following areas: assisting in preparing and serving inmate meals, janitorial services, laundry, maintenance, painting, mowing grass, emergency vehicle cleaning and other work deemed appropriate.

Local County Jails

The first jail built in Kansas was constructed in 1866 in Burlingame, Kansas when a convicted murderer came to town and began stealing while on the run during an escape from a neighboring town’s jail. After a second escape, he was later hanged. These events convinced Kansas town people for the need for a local county jail. This jail is still standing and is now a member of the Kansas Museum of History for patrons to visit.

There are 7,400 people in local county jails in Kansas.

Inmates in County Jail Facilities

The highest number of people are in local county jails in Kansas because of theft. Burglary, motor vehicle theft, and arson are other top reasons. In terms of violent crimes that land someone in Kansas county jail the most common are aggravated assault, then robbery, rape, and murder. During a 10-year average, only about 127 murders were committed in Kansas.


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